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Algeria to host Iran Culture Week (1394/07/17)

Iran's Cultural Week in Algeria will open on October 9 in a ceremony to be attended by head of Islamic Culture and Communications Organization and Algerian culture minister.
 Algeria to host Iran Culture Week

The second Iran Culture Week will be held in the two Algerian cities of Algiers and Constantine for a week.

Behrouz Afkhami, director, Marjan Shirmohammadi, script writer, Keivan Saket, composer and instrumentalist as well as number of Iranian craftsmen are among the 37-people Iranian group in the country's culture week in Algeria.

The programs during the event include screening cinematic works of Afkhami and Reza Mir Karimi on the first days, performing traditional music conducted by Saket, exhibiting handicrafts and paintings and book fair.

First Iran Culture Week in Algeria was held in 2007.


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