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Chitgar Lake and Park Purify Tehran Air (1394/07/18)

Parks are good natural spaces for recreation and also make up for insufficiencies of urban fabric. Development of Chitgar Park and lake has been carried out by Tehran Municipality to facilitate flow of western-eastern air currents in the capital city.
Chitgar Lake and Park Purify Tehran Air

increased population in Tehran has raised air pollution to well above international standards while 70 percent of winds blowing in the city are useless in reducing air pollution. Seasonal winds blowing from west to east can provide good grounds for development of green spaces in west Tehran.
Chitgar Park has an area of about 950 hectares and has been a recreational center since a long time ago. Its lake has an area of about 160 hectares with capacity to hold 10 million cu. m. of water, which not only feeds groundwater, but also purifies Tehran air.
The combination of Chitgar Park and lake is very effective in reducing air pollution in Tehran. The lake is bound to Kan and Vardavard basin in north, to Kan basin in east, to Vardavard basin in west, and to Tehran – Karaj freeway in south. Its construction started in October 2010 and has progressed 7 percent.


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  • Chitgar Lake

    Chitgar Lake (also known as Shohaday-e-Khalij-e-Fars Lake) is an artificial lake located in North-West of Tehran. it include recreational islands, Wildlife Islands, educational islands, sailing dock, Water Park, water sports clubs, recreational dock, amenities and service facilities, amusement park and accommodation facilities.

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