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France ready to invest in Iran's tourism industry (1394/07/23)

France is ready to invest in Iran's tourism industry, Michel Durrieu, head of tourism unit and director for business and global economy in France Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development said on Tuesday.
 France ready to invest in Iran's tourism industry

Speaking during a press conference at the French embassy in Tehran, he said that Iran and France administrations are both committed to increase their share of the global tourism.
According to estimates, the number of tourists will double to 2 billion people by 2030 and this shows how important Tehran-Paris cooperation in this field is.
He referred to Iran's plan to increase the number of its tourists to 20 million from the current four million and noted that France is ready to help Iran in this field.
France as a major tourism destination is ready to help Iran promote its tourism infrastructures in all fields of training, hoteliering as well as mountain, sport, water and health tourism, the official added.
He said that France is ready to transfer its experiences to Iran especially in field of construction of sky resorts and mountain tourism.
France is ready to invest millions of dollars in Iranian tourism projects and aims to introduce Iran's tourism potentials to the French tourists, Durrieu added.
Referring to 2-fold increase in the number of French tourists visiting Iran in the past six months, he said that French people have a good view of Iran.
French tourism delegation headed by Mr Durrieu is in Iran to discuss ways of boosting tourism cooperation between two countries.


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