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Tehran, Berlin paving path of deepening cultural interactions (1394/07/27)

Visiting German foreign minister on Sunday emphasized the need for deepening bilateral cultural interactions using various means, including holding training workshops.
 Tehran, Berlin paving path of deepening cultural interactions

به گزارش بزنيم بيرون ، Frank-Walter Steinmeier referred to the German Center for Universities' Interactions (DAAD) cooperation with the University of Tehran sponsoring three training workshops at the halls of Central Library of the U of T, titled 'Higher Education for Sustainable Development and Stability', 'Culture and Creativity in Industries', and 'Sustainable Economic Development'.
According to IRNA, those workshops were held in collaboration with a number of professors from German universities, including Eckhart Delores from the University of Bonn and Fredrick Fells from the German Archeology Institute, cultural experts such as Dieter Classic the head of the International Berlin Film Festival, and Iranian artists and economic activists such as Hadi Tehrani a prominent architect and Omid Yaraqi, the deputy head of Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce.
Deputy Chancellor of the University of Tehran for International Affairs and a professor of Fine Arts College in that university Mohammad-Baqer Qahremani said in the opening ceremony of the workshops that the U of T as the most important Iranian university must play its role in contribution to sustainable development of Iran.
'Of course, our colleagues in other Iranian universities have announced their readiness to assist us in the campaign,' he added.
He said that the politicians with university degrees, or those who have a background of teaching in universities, pave the path for cultural interactions, adding that Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign ministers is such a politician.

Source: Irna

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