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Chitgar – The Largest Artificial Lake in Iran (1394/11/18)

The lake of Chitgar is one of the latest tourist attractions in Tehran, Iran. The lake is surrounded by an outdoor resort, one which is frequented by many visitors.
Chitgar – The Largest Artificial Lake in Iran

The lake is fed by an inflow of water from the Ghadimiyeh River.

About 80% of the lake’s water comes from the Kan Creek, with the rest of it coming from central areas and local surface runoff.

The total area of this complex is about 250 hectares. The lake itself is 130 hectares, while the remaining amount consists of the shoreline and the resort areas.

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  • Chitgar Lake

    Chitgar Lake (also known as Shohaday-e-Khalij-e-Fars Lake) is an artificial lake located in North-West of Tehran. it include recreational islands, Wildlife Islands, educational islands, sailing dock, Water Park, water sports clubs, recreational dock, amenities and service facilities, amusement park and accommodation facilities.

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