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Qeshm Island hosts consortium on tourism (1395/01/19)

Hamid Reza Momeni told Iran’s state news agency IRNA on Tuesday that the consortium sought to improve the odds of the island in attracting foreign tourists; “Moscow had hosted the first consortium where participants tentatively discussed establishing of an executive body for consortium; a part of agreements included establishment of a company in the Qeshm Free Zone to take the responsibilities of the executive body by private sector as a partner,” he told the press.
Qeshm Island hosts consortium on tourism

“In line with goals set by the Cultural Heritage Organization which demanded that 100,000 tourists be attracted to the island, the island has been hectic in three exhibitions held in China, Russia, and Italy since last year, with a modest success through winning the best pavilion award of the Moscow exhibition,” Momeni asserted, believing that campaign would help attract maximum number of tourists to the island.

However, Momeni also said that the necessary infrastructure to achieve the feat should be improved in the island; “for example, we have plans to establish eco-camps in 8 different spots of the island to develop historical tourism in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage Organization; a motorcycle track will be opened in near future and a car track will start construction,” he detailed.

He also announced operation of a special airline of the island with cooperation by a Canadian airline by next September; “Qeshm Island houses 117,000 inhabitants in an area of 1,500 square kilometers. The island is a rectangular form with 135km length and 14km of average width. The island is greater than 22 countries of the world,” he added.

Qeshm Island has excellent tourism and recreation capacities with the first ever international Geopark of the Middle East. It is destination to millions of domestic and international tourists who come to island to enjoy natural beauties water and geography created in the Persian Gulf.

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