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Siraf in Line for UNESCO Registration (1395/04/26)

Documents pertaining to the historical city of Siraf, Bushehr Province, have been prepared for submission to UNESCO for registration on the World Heritage List, announced the head of Bushehr Cultural Heritage Department.
Siraf in Line for UNESCO Registration

Farhad Nazari told Mehr News Agency that Siraf historical city had not received the attention it deserves despite its rich history and not much attention has been paid to urban development plans in the city.

He added that development and restoration plans should focus on safeguarding the historical values of the city which are centuries-old.

"Preliminary steps for applying for registration on the UNESCO World Heritage List have been taken and the required documents have been prepared," Nazari said.

He regretted that Bushehr's historical texture had been subject to systematic neglect and destruction for decades due to encroachment and unregulated and unprincipled unprofessional maintenance works.

"Despite the damages, I believe the historical texture still stands a chance of being restored," he concluded.

Source: mehrnews

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