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Iran Planning to Boost Tourism Industry (1393/12/08)

Iranian Vice-President and Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Massoud Soltanifar said that the country's tourism industry will be flourished after inauguration of under-construction infrastructural projects.
Iran Planning to Boost Tourism Industry

Soltanifar said on Monday that inauguration of 930 tourism projects, that are currently under construction across Iran, will change the country into one of the most attractive tourism destinations in the region.

Soltanifar said that his organization in in charge of implementation of the said projects.

He further said that Iranians have proved that they can reach their big goals despite tough sanctions and restrictions.

In October, Soltanifar said that tourist trips to Iran are very attractive, important and cheap for foreigners while at the same time the country enjoys a high level of political and security stability.

He reiterated that Iran has important and remarkable capacities in different areas, including health, religious and historical tourism, and said several measures have been taken to facilitate visits of foreign tourists to Iran. "A two-week tourist visa is issued for the nationals of 190 countries at Iranian ports and airports."

"Iran is among 10 attractive countries in terms of attracting tourists," Soltanifar said.

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