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every thing you need to know about travel to Iran (2017/02/13)

Money Exchange

Official unit of Iranian currency is Iranian Rial (IR) but “Toman” is commonly used in everyday transactions and conversations. 10 Rials is equal to 1 Toman (10 IR=1 Toman). Paying in Dollar and Euro is not uncommon and there are no restrictions with respect to the amount of foreign currency entering the country. However, if the amount exceeds 10,000 dollars, submitting a financial statement to the bank authorities on the entry points is required. According to I.R. Iran Constitution, exporting an amount exceeding 10,000 dollars (or its equivelant in other currencies) is forbidden unless a financial statement is submitted.
Banking Services and Credit Cards

ATMs and debit cards abound in Iran, but currently international credit and debit cards are not accepted. For exchange, remittance and currency conversion try banks and exchange shops (Sarafi). Recently, converting up to 5000 dollars or Euros into Iranian Rial via bank card in banking branches located in the major airports of Iran and in the vicinity of tourist hubs has become possible. Upon departure, you can reconvert your balance into dollar or Euro. To get updated with the latest information on using international credit cards in Iran, visit “www.TravelT.ir.”


All foreign nationals, upon arrival, must have insurance or be provided with medical insurance which is mandatory; hence, in the absence of insurance, refer to travel companies or insurance offices at the entry points.

Tourist Guides

Group tours are operated under Iran National Tourism Organization (Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) license. Normally, a licensed tourist guide with foreign language skills will be escorting such tours. Individual tourists or FITs can ask for on-site interpretation in most cultural-historical attractions as well as museums.
Information and Communications

Iran country code is 0098. Acquiring cheap SIM cards is easy and simple. The majority of public venues and accommodations provide WI-FI internet connections. technologies are available as well. Almost all traffic and tourist signs are bilingual, Persian and English.

Tourism SIM Card

Having filled out a request form, tourists can obtain these SIM cards from all stalls in entry points. Besides voice calls and SMS, tourists can utilize GPRS and 4G with low tariffs.

Voltage and Adaptor

In Iran the standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Common electric outlets are type C and F, the same as European models.

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