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جستجوی #Park

  • Mellat Park

    Mellat Park literally the Nation Park, is a main park in Tehran. It has pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation as well as facilities such as snack bars, coffee shops, and a small aviary. There's also a Cinema Galley Complex at the edge of the park

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  • Nahjolbalaghe Park

    Nahjolbalaghe Park is one of the parks which is bigger than 35 hectares and is constructed in a broad part of farahzad valley between Niayesh, Hemat highway and west of Yadegare Imam.

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  • Javanmardan Garden

    Javanmardan-e-Iran garden is one of the recreational areas of Tehran located at the boundaries between districts 5 and 22 of Tehran municipality. This garden is located between Shahid Hemmat highway to the north and Shahid Hakim to the south.

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  • Eram Amusement Park

    Eram Amusement Park is the largest theme park in Iran. Eram Park is located on the Tehran–Karaj Expressway in Tehran province and covers an area of 70 hectares (170 acres).

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  • Jamshidieh Park

    Jamshidieh Park (or Jamshidieh Stone Garden), is a park located in the neighbourhood of Niavaran at the base of Kolakchal mountain.

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  • Qeitariyeh Park

    Qeytarieh is famous for a large park with the same name. Qeytarieh Park was once the home of a Qajar Dynasty minister, Amir Kabir.

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  • Sorkheh Hesar National Park

    Sorkheh Hesar National Park lies with an area of 9,380 hectares (23,200 acres) and stands at an altitude of 1,547 metres (5,075 ft) above sea-level, near Tehran, Iran.

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  • Behesht-e-Madaran Park

    Behesht-e Madaran Garden Park (also known as women Park) is the first park in Tehran dedicated to women.

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  • lady's city - Velayat Park

    Lady`s city ( also known as Shahr-e Banoo) is an Iranian city with an area of 6 hectares located in the north of Velayat Park; it is considered as one of the seven main areas of women only places in Tehran.

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  • Andishe Park

    If you are looking for a good Park within center of Tehran, you can find the Andishe (Helal Ahmar) Park.

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  • Besat Park

    Besat Park is located in south area of Tehran and hence it has good access to public transportation and south Terminal.

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  • Razi Park

    Razi park caters to travelers and tourists needs in Tehran.

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  • Iranshahr (Honarmandan) Park

    The name of this park is The House of Iran`s Artists Park or Iranshahr (Honarmandan) Park.

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  • Police Park

    Police park is one of the Tehran`s parks located in east area of the city.

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  • Taleghani Park

    If you are looking for a good Forest Park within north of Tehran, you can find the Taleghani Park.

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