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  • Rochon Kerman Wildlife Refuge

    Rochon Kerman Wildlife Refuge within the city of Baft is clustered in the National Park and contains 5 sections.

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  • A protected region Anjrk and rober, Kerman

    Anjar and Rabar protected hunting area is located in Kerman province. The hunting area of Anjar Rabbat was selected and protected in 1366. The highest peak of this region is 2809 meters high

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  • Protected area of Kerman province

    Protected area of Bidoyi province of Kerman province with an area of 168033 hectares; since 1996 it has been known as one of the protected areas of Kerman.

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  • Protected area of copper

    Protected area of copper is located 205 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital and 20 kilometers south of Bam city and covers an area of 45800 hectares.

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  • Mahrooyeh Kerman Wildlife Refuge

    Kerman's "Mehrooyeh" Wildlife Refuge, with an area of 55,831 hectares, is one of the protected wildlife sanctuaries in the central area of the country.

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  • Protected area of Jupar Mountain

    Jupar protected area is located south of Kerman city and is considered as the natural attraction of this province. The protected area of Mount Jupar flows north to Mahan and Jupar cities, west to Bahramjard village and southwest to Kerman Bam Railway.

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  • National Park of Qatrooyeh

    National Park of Qatrooyeh and Bahram Gour Protected Area in the east of the city of Nayriz, on the border of Fars and Kerman, and in the political area of Kerman, Yazd and Fars provinces, and is the main site of the Iranian Zebra Zebra.

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  • Parak National News

    The national park with an area of about 150 thousand hectares is considered one of the largest national parks in Iran located in Kerman province.

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  • Ravour Wildlife Refuge

    Ravar Wildlife Refuge is located near the northernmost city of Kerman province and has a very high biological diversity, so that most of the province's plant and animal species live in the city.

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  • Amjaz Amberabad Strait

    Amjes Strait, Kerman Province, 25 km east of Amberabad, is a large river (Baneh) and an Abadi River that originates from the high peaks of the middle reaches.

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  • Tangrou Crown and Raber

    Tangrou (Karro) is located about 500 meters long in the south of Rabir city in Kerman province. It has a lot of virgin natural reserves that are less well-known until now.

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  • Rajah Rafsanjan (Rajah Geo Park)

    Geopark Valley Rajah is one of the wonderful and wonderful attractions of Iran and Kerman province, which has been formed due to the phenomenon of erosion in the plain of Rafsanjan. In the Ragh Rafsanjan Valley, instead of the clofts instead of the winds, we see water erosion in order to design an overtone cloth in the heart of the earth in an artistic way.

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  • North Rift Lut

    Tang Ratile (Spider Canyon) is the largest tight lake in Iran, located on the south side of the North Lut Desert, 130 km from Shahdad, among the western walls of the Khak River or the dry river.

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  • Fare

    There are 30 km of Kerman city and on the northeast side of the Kafir Mountain Mount Dosh (Fosk), which is 10 km from the high mountains with high walls, sometimes 200 m, with interesting twists and turns. has created.

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  • kerman

    Shahrood Valley (Vamgh Abad) Kerman is located along the Dharhthan River and at the end of the northwest of Kerman Province. The river route is located in a beautiful and beautiful valley, and the river's descent from the rocks and rocks has created numerous waterfalls and admirers.

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