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جستجوی #-Sights-of-Iran

  • Gol Sorkhdan fireplace

    These buildings The foot of the mountain is covered with gypsum and is used to decorate it. The local dome of these three domes is called three domes

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  • Al-Qchin Alia tower

    Al-Qchin Alia tower is one of the historical monuments and cultural heritage of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Provinces, dating to the later centuries after the post-Islamic period. This monument was registered on September 18, 2008 with the registration number 23337 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Plack Cut Bridge Kohkiluyeh

    : is one of the historical attractions of Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, which dates back to the post-Islamic era.

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  • Gachsaran Khaki bridge

    Gachsaran Khaki bridge is one of the historical monuments of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and dates back to the post-Islamic period. The Gachsaran bridge has been registered as a national monument of Iran on November 13, 2007 with the registration number 19745.

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  • Shotower Historical Village

    Shakhtar Polkan Village is the largest village in the Charosh district, which is considered one of the tourist attractions of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed. The Shotower village is located 7 km from the city of Qalajarisi and is more than a century old; the village of Shotareh Qaleh-e-Reisi also has a historical castle belonging to the Qajar period.

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  • Old City of Dehdasht (Balad Shapour)

    The historical boundary of the old city of Dehdasht is located next to the new Dehdasht city, also known as the Balad Shapur. Balad Shapour Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad with an area of 40 hectares, dating back to at least Safavid times.

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  • Tel mohre Yasouj

    Tel mohre Yasouj is one of the ancient artifacts of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, one kilometer east of the village of Yazdgh. Yasuj is one of the hills of prehistory in the province, which belongs to the third and fourth millennium BC.

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  • Khosravi Yasuj

    Tel Khosravi or Tel Khosrow is a hill in the south of Yasuj, which is less than a few kilometers away. . This Tel, which belongs to the third millennium BC and the ninth and tenth centuries AH, is located four kilometers south of the city of Yasuj, near the village of Tel Khosrow.

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  • Gonbad Lishter Gachsaran

    : Dome of Leishter is one of the historical attractions of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province in Gachsaran; the upper part of the dome is like warriors of the soldiers.

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  • Top 3 Gordalou Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    Gordhalu Gordaloo Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad are stones and stones that were buried in the pre-Islamic period, according to the Aryans' culture.

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  • Bahmani's Crucifixture

    Tang-sarvak Tang-sarvak relief is located 50 km north of Behbahan, in the city of Behmay, dating from 299 AD to the Parthian period.

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  • Ashchat-e-Shah, Pivotbakhsh Basht

    It is about 50 km and is located in the northernmost point of the city of Basht, and its distance to the center of the province is 150 km. Inside the cave (Ishkhtab), there are inscriptions, stone inscriptions and many other historical monuments related to one of the historical periods in which research on this disaster requires the study of historical and archaeological remains.

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  • Dehdasht Caravanserai

    The Dehdasht Historical Context is one of the historical monuments of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, located on the western side of Dehdasht's historical texture and next to the Caravanserai's Imam Zadeh Ibrahim and Imam Zadeh Jaber's caravanserai complex.

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  • Historical Dishmuk

    Historical Dishmuk Historical Castle Historical castles of Dishmok are historic places dating back to the Parthian and Sassanid periods, especially the western rock formations associated with the Parthian period. The texture of its new architecture dates back to Zandy and Qajar periods.

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  • History of Kayyar Dehdasht

    : Kayyar's historic bathhouse is located in the western part of the city of Dehdasht and adjacent to the caravanserai. This monument of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad has been numbered 3555 on the list of historical monuments.

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