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جستجوی #Art

  • Parand Apartment hotel

    Parand Apartment hotel is located in 10 Km to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), Tehran.

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  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

    On the western side of Laleh park, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is in a striking concrete modernist building constructed during the shah`s rush to build modern landmarks in the 1970s.

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  • Veggie Restaurant of Iranian Artists Forum

    This forms part of the Iran Artists Forum the entrance is around the right hand side. The food is decent without being mind-blowing, but they promise the produce is brought fresh each day and the kitchen is completely meat-free, so there'll be no surprises in the salads, pizzas or khoresht (stew)

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  • Iranian Art Garden Museum

    This museum includes some exhibitions of historical monuments and ancient Islamic Iranian architecture as well as souvenir shops selling handicrafts and art works.

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  • The Earth Science Museum

    Because of all persons don`t have enough time to spending for dedicates of this science in natural ways therefore museum rule became more egregious. “Earth Science Museum“ is the good window for this varied world.

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  • St. Vartan Church

    St. Vartanants Church is established in 1986 and was anointed as an Armenian Apostolic Church in 1987 at Tehran. St. Vartanants Church is the last Armenian or Christian church which was built in Iran.

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  • 505 Artesh

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  • Jamaran (heart Hospital)

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  • Tehran Heart Center

    Tehran Heart Center dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of coronary and heart diseases with 440 beds, was officially inaugurated in 2001.

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  • Charsou Cinema Complex

    Charsou Cinema Complex with five Screens Located in center of Tehran.

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  • Milad Tower Cinema Complex

    Milad Tower Cinema complex is located in Tehran's Milad Tower Area.

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  • Iranian Artists' Forum

    Iranian Artists' Forum (also known as Iranian Artists Organization or Khaneh Honarmandan Iran) Is One of lots of galleries in Tehran.

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  • Boof restaurant - Zartosht Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

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  • Abashar three cornne (Mahan) Mahan

    Three Kanj (Caspian) waterfall Mahan is one of the most famous walkways in Kerman; a mountainous and mountainous region with two beautiful waterfalls and adjoining mountains suitable for climbing.

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  • Seghar Taleghan castle

    1050 meters north of the village of Segaran and above the summit, surrounded by valleys surrounded by it, it is completely on the raised and single-faced, there is a historical castle known as the castle of Segaran.

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