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جستجوی #Kara

  • Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology Museum of Karaj

    The Museum of Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology of Karaj is the first historical museum in Karaj. It is one of the top 12 museums in the country with research, research and activities, and has a research and research center and research center. Cerejd is also. Shoulder and weft weaving more than 100 years old, pork 80 years old, types of cigars and old headdresses, types of belts, pictures of Rijal Qajar period and ancient places of Iran, all and all can be in this museum saw

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  • Karaj Zoology Museum

    Jalal Afshar Museum of Zoology is located at Karaj Agricultural Faculty and is one of the most interesting museums in the province of Alborz for wildlife and animal enthusiasts.

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  • Caravanserai Shah Abbasi Karaj

    Karaj-e-Shah Abbas Karaj is a stone-brick building dating back to the Safavid era in the Alborz province, located on the southeast of Tohid Square. Caravanserai of Shah Abbasi Karaj in 1356 with the number 1368 in the list of national works of Iran has been registered.

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  • Karaj Mesbah bath

    Karaj Mesbah bath is one of the historical attractions of Alborz province located in the old neighborhood of Mesbah and in the center of Karaj.

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  • Karaj Rasakan-e-Noor tower

    The new Roskan-e-Noor tower is located south of Karaj, which was used as a reservoir of water and belongs to the Pahlavi period. Razakan Water Tower in Karaj is about 12 meters high and is made of bricks

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  • Karaj Soleimanian Palace

    Soleimanian Palace is one of the historical works of the Alborz province, located on the premises of the Karaj Agricultural College and dates back to the Qajar period. The Soleymaniyeh Palace of Karaj was registered in 1327 with the number 370 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Karaj Pearl Palace (Shams Palace)

    Pearl Palace is the name of a Pahlavi historical monument located in Mehrshahr district 12 of Karaj Municipality. Karaj Pearl Palace was designed and manufactured by Wesley Peters and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for $ 1 million.

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  • Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge

    Shah Abbasi bridge is built at the entrance of the city on the Karaj River. The Karaj road is located in Chalous on the eastern side of the bridge and the new bridge is located at the entrance of the city and on its southern side.

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