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جستجوی #protected

  • Protected area of the Marrakesh West Azarbaijan

    The protected area of Marrakesh is located in parts of the area in East Azarbaijan province (Marand and Jolfa counties) and parts in West Azarbaijan province (Poldasht, Chayparareh and Khoy). The closest cities to this area are the cities of Jolfa and Hadi Shahr in the northeast of this region and the city of Qara Ziad al-Din in the southwest of the region.

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  • Protected area of Mirabad

    Mirabad protected area is a forest area between the Piranshahr and Sardasht cities of West Azarbaijan province.

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  • Charoimaq protected area

    Charoimaq protected area is part of the Charoimahq hunting area in Charivmaq city, East Azarbaijan province. This area with a vast vegetation and animal species is one of the most popular natural areas of friends and nature battalions with beautiful places from the mysterious spring to the village of the bath.

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  • Dizmar Protected Area

    Dizmar Protected Area is a mountainous and forest area that is located in the province of Khodafarin, Varzaghan and Jolfa in the north of East Azarbaijan province.

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