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  • Golestan Mall

    Golestan Mall offers a variety of candies and nuts, traditional foods, crafts, rugs, carpets, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, sporting goods and appliances.

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  • Markazi Hotel

    Small, clean rooms in a lively street. Toilets are squats.

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  • Iranshahr Hotel

    The 48 small but comfortable rooms are clean and the service is professional.

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  • Arikeh Iranian bowling

    The bowling and system banks are of the most advanced facilities in the world , with twelve lines , it can host international competitions.

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  • Enghelab Bowling Club

    Enghelab Bowling Club is located at Tehran, Iran.

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  • Emam Zadeh Hashem paraglider site

    On the way to Amol at Haraz road after passing Ab-e-Ali ski resort continue to Emam Zadeh Hashem shrine.The flying site will be at right hand side just behind & above shops & inn.

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  • Carpet Museum of Iran

    Located in Tehran, beside Laleh Park, and founded in 1976, the Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century to the present.

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  • National Museum of Iran

    The National Museum of Iran is located in Tehran, Iran and it is combination of two buildings which include the Museum of Ancient Iran and the white travertine Museum of the Islamic Era.

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  • The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History

    The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History is the first medical museum established in Iran by a joint project between the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

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  • Malek National Museum of Iran

    Malek National Museum and Library is a museum and national library in Tehran, Iran. Its one of the biggest library of precious manuscripts in Iran.

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  • Austria

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  • Jordan

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  • Etminan Mall

    The large Etminan Mall has 8,000 square meters, 200 commercial units on five floors.

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  • Armenia

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  • South Africa

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