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جستجوی #Ali

  • Jofre Alibash Park of Bushehr

    This Park is one of the new parks in the city of Bushehr, which is located along the Entezam Square and has become a place for rest and recreation of Bushehr families. The park is equipped with appropriate lighting and lighting, safe toys for children's toys, family sports equipment and appropriate trees for tourists and citizens.

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  • Garden and pavilion Ali Abad (Arge Sepehri)

    Aliabad Garden and Cove is located 35 kilometers north-east of Birjand Road to Zahedan in Ali Abad plain and in the same village. The presence of fences and observation towers in the several hundred meters of the village indicates the importance of this garden and village. The garden and the al-Abad palace belonging to the Sepehri family are the agents of the regional governors.

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  • Sayyid Ali Safavi monument (Soltanali Sahapush)

    Rudband was the grandson of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili and the grandfather of Shah Isma'il Safavid, who came to Dezful, and invited the people of Dezful to perform the Shiite cause by performing keramati.

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  • Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi monument

    Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi is located in Ahvaz and is one of the Imam Zadeh and religious tourism centers in Ahwaz, where pilgrims and travelers as well as Ahwazi citizens refer to pilgrimage.

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  • Municipality of Miyarjavah

    Miyarjaveh Arrangement Building is one of the historical buildings and nationally registered works of Sistan and Balouchestan province dating back to the first half, but parts of this historical monument have been restored and restored by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. .

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  • Cheshmeh Ali Damghan

    Cheshmeh Ali, located 35 km north of Damghan along the Damghan-Kaiser-Sari Road and between the villages of Astaneh and Kalateh Roodbar.

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  • Quir Haj Ali Gholami Damghan

    Kavir Haj Ali Gholli Damghan is one of the Querie provinces of Semnan Province, located in the southeast of Damghan. From the deserts close to this area, you can reach the area of 60 km to the east and the Kavir plain (Great Quay) at a distance of 100 km to the south.

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  • Ali Abad Cistern

    This water storage is related to the Qajar era and is located alongside the ice rink of Ali Abad. The area of this waterfall is 6 meters in 20 meters, and its crescent-shaped roof is 5 meters high, as well as a row of stairs from the room near the water storage to the floor of the water storage.

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  • Cheshme Ali mansion

    Cheshmeh Ali is one of the promenades of Damghan, with a cool climate and eye-catching scenery; its main name is Ali Bilagh's historian. This mansion is located in the northwest of Damghan, along the Damghan road of Kaiser Sari, 32 km from Damghan.

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  • Yatari castle of Aliya

    Castle Yatari Aliya is located in Islami of Semnan province and its distance to the center of Aradan city is 2 km.

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  • Kuh Khan Ali Bichen

    Kuh Khan Ali Bichen is located at 2181 meters in Ardebil, Nir district, eastern Uortchi and 40 km southwest of Ardabil city center.

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  • Khoy municipality

    Khoy municipality building is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in the province of Azarbaijan, which was named as the first independent building of Khoy municipality in 1312.

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  • Talib Qoopi Baba Ali Mahabad

    Qoopi Baba Ali Mahabad Lagoon is one of the important wetlands of Mahabad region, with its natural features and its particular birds. It is one of the important wetlands in the region of Mahabad. It is located in the list of important international wetlands of the Ramsar Convention and is one of the best birds habitats. Aquatic and Aquatic.

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  • Telecabin Aoun bin Ali (Tabriz Telecabin)

    Telecabin Aoun bin Ali or Einali is the longest trapdoor in the country, part of the Aoun bin Ali promenade project and the nature park. Using Tabriz's cable car you can park up Aoun bin Ali and use it well.

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  • Valiasr Park, Tabriz

    Valiasr Park Tabriz is considered one of the beautiful and different parks of this metropolis, located in the eastern side of Tabriz and in Valiasr neighborhood; the proximity of Tabriz valisr parks to Baghlar-Baghi has caused many citizens to use this garden.

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