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جستجوی #Garden

  • Zoo and Garden of Birds of Baghlarbaghi

    Zoo and Garden of Birds of Baghlarbaghi collection is one of the best recreational facilities of this recreation complex and indeed the main zoo in Tabriz, where the largest number of wildlife is kept in Tabriz. If you are interested in wildlife and animals, do not miss the visit to Baghlarbaghi Gardens Zoo.

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  • Golestan Garden of Tabriz

    Golestan Garden of Tabriz, or the garden of Fajr, is one of the old and famous gardens in Tabriz city, which Azeri languages call the garden golvonta, where you can spend hours of good green space and spend some time enjoying yourself.

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  • Gardens of Birds Qartal Shahgoli

    The Garden of Birds, Qartal Shahgoli, is the second Tabriz Zoo and the first bird covered garden of this metropolis that enthusiasts of animals, birds, and all kinds of ornamental fish and seafood can enjoy its enjoyment.

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  • Shams Tabrizi Garden

    Shams Tabrizi Garden, as the largest garden - the urban park of the country is located in the heart of the city of Tabriz and next to the Chaikenar Ladies park.

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