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جستجوی #Park

  • Kuhsar Forest Park

    Kuhsar forest park is located in the foothills of the alborz mountain range in northwestern part of Tehran. This forest park is in northwest of Sharan and in north of Kan district where it stretches from Kan River in the west to farahzad river in the east.

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  • Saiee Park

    Saiee Park is located in district 6 of Tehran with 12 hectares of surface area. It has more than 15 plant species, and is one of the biggest touristic parks in Tehran.

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  • Pardis Banovan Park (Women Pardis)

    If you are looking for a good women park within east of Tehran, you can find the women Pardis (Pardis-e-Banovan).

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  • Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park

    Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park whit good facilities caters to travelers and tourists needs.

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  • Lavizan Forest Park

    Lavizan area consists of a Residential area and forested Recreation area called Lavizan Forest Park.

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  • Yas Forest Park

    As large as 1400 ha, Yas Forest Park became ready for public use.

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  • Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle(

    Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle) amusement park is one of the Tehran`s theme Parks.

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  • Besat amusement park

    Besat amusement park is located in south of Tehran and hence it has good access to public transportation and south Bus Terminal.

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  • Wonder Land (Sarzamin-e-Ajayeb)

    The third floor of Tiraje shopping mall is dedicated to the indoor Wonderland amusement park.

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  • Tehran`s jurassic Park

    Tehran Jurassic Park or movable Dinosaurs Park is an educational, touristy and recreational park which is located in Behroud square, Sadat Abad, Tehran.

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  • Tehran`s Waterfall (Abshare Tehran Park)

    Theran Waterfall is located in the west of Hemat Highway, after Janat Abad and in font of Chitgar Lake. Tehran Waterfall is regarded as one of the best and largest places for recreational tourism.

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  • Khojir National Park

    Khojir and Sorkheh hesar national park with an area of 9380 hectares stand at an attitude of 1547 m. above sea-level, besides Tehran city.

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  • Eram Park lake

    9 acres with a lake area features fishing, sailing and ...

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  • Kavir National Park

    Kavir National Park is a protected ecological zone in northern Iran. It has an area of 4000 square kilometers (1500 mile²). The park is located 120 kilometers south of Tehran and 100 kilometers east of Qom.

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  • Lar National Park

    Lar National park is an indicative example of the mountainous habitats in the western slopes of mount Damavand extending in the two provinces of Mazandaran and Tehran.

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