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  • Bahram Fire Temple or Mill Hill

    Bahram Fire Temple or Mil Hill in Rey is the ruins of a Sassanid (226-651 CE) fire temple.

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  • Boof restaurant - Golestan Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

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  • Eslami Guest House

    If you are looking for a good Guest House near Tehran's Railway Station, you can find the Eslami Guest House.

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  • Shahid Shiroudi Stadium

    The Shahid Shiroudi Stadium is a sports stadium in Tehran, Iran, currently used only for Athletic competitions. Until 2009 it was used mostly for football matches.

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  • Navid restaurant

    Navid restaurant type kebab and Iranian foods with high quality and favorable volume and price standards may wish to make.This restaurant is one of several venues for the ceremony. This leaves kebab restaurant for a delicious meal is served and good taste.

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  • Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum

    Haft Chenar Wild Life and Natural Museum is considered as historical place of this district which is located in one of the old locals of Bereyanak in a street which has 7 plane trees.

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  • Tochal bungee jumping club

    Tehran`s first bungee jumping club has been conveniently located in the Tochal complex which has the quality to jump from as high as 40 meters.

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  • Tehran Peace Museum

    The Tehran Peace Museum is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace and the main objective of the museum is to promote a culture of peace through raising awareness about the devastating consequences of war.

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  • Boof restaurant - Qolhak Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

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  • Takhti Stadium

    Takhti Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, located in Eastern Tehran, Iran. It is used mostly for football matches.

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  • Museum of Iranian Parliament

    Library, museum and document center of Iranian parliament is located in Baharestan square of Tehran and includes many documents about historical events.

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  • Grand Bazaar

    The Grand Bazaar also known as Tehran`s Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Throughout its history, in addition to shops the Grand bazaar has contained banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses.

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  • Tandis Shopping center

    Tandis shopping mall is one of biggest shopping center in north of Tehran. It has a lot of famous Iranian and foreign brands.

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  • Tamasha restaurant

    Nice and very decorative bright restaurant with a very wide menu serving you foods from all around the world. all types of cuisines from South America till Local traditional Iranian dishes.

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  • Alborz Restaurant

    Alborz restaurant is rather a classic restaurant and is one of the old restaurants in Tehran which is providing its famous kebabs.

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