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  • Bibi Hakima's Promise

    The Bibi Hakimeh's Imam Hussein's sister Imam Reza's sister, as a pearl in the mountains of the southern Zagros and near the Nilegh Bay, is always Fars, and pilgrims from the place of the country and abroad His pilgrimage accelerates to smell Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) in the south and at his door.

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  • Imamzadeh Mir Salar

    Imamzadeh Mirsalar (AS) from the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem "A", including those exiles from the Bani'Abbas Governments, whose blessed existence was welcomed by Iranians and later was a spiritual and spiritual blessing for the people of this country.

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  • Imam Zadeh Shah Qassim (as) Yasouj

    In the northwest of Yasuj there is a simple tomb in the village of the village which, according to the people of the Imam Zadeh Qasim, is disappearing in the Baba Square and beside the river under the oak tree. . The point where Imam Zadeh Qasem disappeared is called Hua. Yes means oak and hawa means oak fence

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  • Alamzadeh Abdullah Yasouj

    Between the road of Yasuj in a village called the House of Greetings. The tomb and tomb of Imam Zadeh Abdullah are located. It is well-known that Prince Abdullah (AS) is the son of Imamzadeh Prince Farajollah (AS) whose tomb is located on the southeast of the Yasuj waterfall.

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  • Imamzadeh Shahsavar

    Imamzadeh Monastery of Shahsavar Ghayeb, western side of Javareh village Charosh is located in Kohgiluyeh city, 12 km from Ghale Raisi and 60 km from Dehdasht city. The tomb is about 45 kilometers away from the city of Lordegan, and the inhabitants migrated to the town of Shahsavar in the city of Lordegan, due to the possibility of landslide.

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  • 40th column Dehdasht mosque

    The construction of the Chehel-Soton Mosque (Imam Hossein Mosque) is also located in the north of Dehdasht's historical context and probably at the site of one of the main gates of the city entrance.

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  • Dehdasht's comprehensive mosque

    Dehdasht's mosque is located in the east of Dehdasht's historical context and a short distance from Imam Zadeh (as). Based on the works of the city of Islamic and Safavid period, Dehdasht is built on two floors. Dehdasht's mosque includes Shabestan, Central courtyard, Shrine and small rooms.

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  • Abashar DeheBar of Sun Yasouj

    DeheBar Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad.

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  • Abbasir Mount Golz-e-Dhana, Dena

    Bashar Kouh Golna Dena is located in the territory of tha Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province and is considered one of the magnificent natural attractions of Zagros.

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  • kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall

    kamardogh Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad waterfall are among the wonderful and beautiful attractions of this province located in the foothills of the mountains of Silom, and at the same time anonymity is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran

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  • Yasouj Boyer Ahmad

    Yasuj waterfall is one of the natural attractions around Yasouj, two kilometers north of the city, with an altitude of about 10 meters.

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  • Bahram Beygi Tokkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    The Bahram Beyqi Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Jasim-e-Nawas around Yasouh and is about 35 meters high at altitudes.

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  • Azashar Strait Tamaradi Boyer Ahmad

    Tang Tamaradi Waterfall is one of the most exciting attractions of Takkiloba and Boyer Ahmed Province, 50 kilometers west of Yasouj City, on the path to the Sepidar Road.

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  • Non-hunted hunting ground Yasuj

    : Yasuj prohibited hunting ground At the beginning of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, on the right side of the moon of Parviz, its height is 2500 meters above sea level.

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  • Dena Strong Protected Area

    : Dena Protected Area with an area of 92,967 hectares is one of the natural attractions of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed; this area is a completely mountainous area with a height of 3,000 meters in height of the highest and lowest points in the area. . It has no high peaks, huge walls and deep valleys.

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