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جستجوی #Ali

  • Einali Forest Park Tabriz

    Einali Forest Park is one of the attractions of Tabriz city located in the northwest of the city and it is known as one of the main forest gardens in Tabriz due to its convenient recreational facilities.

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  • Deli Khalil Qaraghaj WaterFall

    Deli Khalil Qaraghaj Waterfall is located in the East Azarbaijan province and is considered one of the natural attractions and recreational attractions of East Azarbayejan. The upper hand of the grassland waterfall and the lower part are abandoned, which both create a scenic natural scenery.

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  • Peygham Kaliber Valley

    The Peygham Kaliber Valley is a vast, beautiful valley with an area that extends from the north to the south of the Calibur, and is the tributary of the river of the message.

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