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جستجوی #Tehran

  • Tochal Telecabin

    Tochal telecabin is located at the end of Velenjak St, Tehran.. Beautiful landscape, Mountain fresh air, Many sweet water springs adds to freshness of area. With upgrading the safety standards of telecabin lines, Families and sport men can enjoy the telecabin ride and other facilities with joy and pleasure.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Azadi Branch

    The Azadi Branch of Shahvand Chain Store is located in west area of Tehran and hence it has good access to public transportation.

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  • Roodafshan Cave

    The cave stands in the 50 km from S-E of township of Damavand, near the Roodafshan Village in a mountainous region.

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  • Cafe Tehroon

    Cafe Tehroon is actually an old Persian palace in Tehran. It is placed in Negarestan garden with a beautiful space.

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  • Dizin ski resort

    Dizin is a ski resort situated to the north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range & also the most important ski resort in Iran & The Middle East.

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  • Niloo Hotel

    Niloo Hotel`s spacious Apartments are furnished to the highest standards and Relax in the tranquility of their spacious rooms.

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  • J`ai Cafe

    J`ai Cafe is a fancy cafe-restaurant with a detailed menu. This cafe with very nice atmosphere is appealing to enthusiasts.

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  • Ekbatan Guest House

    Ekbatan is one of the guest houses located in the central area of Tehran and has good access to public transport .

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  • Nayeb Saei Restaurant

    One of the iconic Chelo Kabab restaurants of Tehran and undeniably one of the best- certainly best of all the Nayebs which by default puts it within the Capitals top three.

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  • Narenjestan Restaurant

    Narenjestan Restaurant is a great place with delicious foods, high level service, live music and wonderful atmosphere. It is great for couples for a romantic meal, good for business meetings, and also good for families. Staff are polite and helpful.

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  • Esteghlal hotel

    Five star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel owned by parsian chain hotels with 70,000 square meter of space is located in bagh-e-shahr area . esteghlal hotel is not only the biggest hotel from chain hotels of parsian , but it`s also one of the best hotels of parsian Islamic republic of iran.

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  • Dizi

    Dizi is name of restaurant also the name of a traditional Persian food contains lamb meat, potato and beans cooked with water in small pots.

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  • Shandiz restaurant

    If you want to experience one if the most Yummy persian foods, you need to try special lamb muscles of this restaurant. Which comes with a juicy onion side.

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  • Sharaf-El-Islam restaurant

    This restaurant is located in heart of Tehran Bazar and serves best Iranian traditional food such as kebab and cholomahiche every tourist who came to visit Tehran Bazar must try it

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  • Espinas hotel

    Espinas hotel is a five star hotel which is located in Keshavarz Blvd, Near ValiAsr Square In Tehran. It has 18 floors with 230 rooms and suits.

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