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جستجوی #Park

  • Kerman Women's Park

    Women's Park is the most complete women's park in the southeast of the country.

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  • National Park of Qatrooyeh

    National Park of Qatrooyeh and Bahram Gour Protected Area in the east of the city of Nayriz, on the border of Fars and Kerman, and in the political area of Kerman, Yazd and Fars provinces, and is the main site of the Iranian Zebra Zebra.

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  • Rajah Rafsanjan (Rajah Geo Park)

    Geopark Valley Rajah is one of the wonderful and wonderful attractions of Iran and Kerman province, which has been formed due to the phenomenon of erosion in the plain of Rafsanjan. In the Ragh Rafsanjan Valley, instead of the clofts instead of the winds, we see water erosion in order to design an overtone cloth in the heart of the earth in an artistic way.

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  • Fossil Abad Area, Desert National Park

    In the southeast of the National Park, the desert is a regional hill-like region that has fossilized species that has created very sophisticated and magnificent landscapes. The existence of these fossils is very important in terms of natural history as well as training in the desert.

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  • Shoghab Park of Bushehr

    : Shoghab Park is one of the most beautiful and historic boosters in Bushehr port. Its location beside the Gulf coast has provided a unique and beautiful landscape, and on the other hand, due to the almost perfect facilities in the park for tourists. Which are traveling to Bushehr.

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  • Jofre Alibash Park of Bushehr

    This Park is one of the new parks in the city of Bushehr, which is located along the Entezam Square and has become a place for rest and recreation of Bushehr families. The park is equipped with appropriate lighting and lighting, safe toys for children's toys, family sports equipment and appropriate trees for tourists and citizens.

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  • Ghavam Park of Bushehr

    Ghavam Park of Bushehr is one of the beautiful parks in this beautiful city with the famous Ghavam Restaurant. This restaurant was built at the site of the Ghavam water reservoir in Bushehr.

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  • Siyadat park of Booshehr

    This park is one of the beaches of the city, located in the northern part of Bushehr, along the coast of the Persian Gulf, and offers great facilities for the enjoyment of citizens and travelers.

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  • Madar Park of Bushehr

    This park is located beside the Bushehr cultural complex and is considered one of the beautiful parks of this port city.

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  • Bushehr Chah Kootah Forest Park

    This Park is one of the entertainment centers around the Bushehr port located near a village of the same name and 50 km from Bushehr. Bushehr Short-Range Forest Park is 40 years old and is considered as a beautiful and breath-taking place for tourists and Bushehr residents. Here is the place to live on a variety of plants and birds living on the beach.

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  • Bushehr Birds Park

    Bushehr Birds Park with 25 species of birds including peacocks, pheasants, chicken and Chinese cock, polish and lari, ducks, geese, pigeons, lunar, love poultry, parrots, fench, bird birds, vulture, eagles, turkeys. , Indian Horned Chicken, ... is one of the charming entertainment centers of Bushehr.

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  • Sayyad Shirazi Park, Birjand

    Sayyad Shirazi Park, Birjand, is one of the city's Bourjand Gardens located on the margin of Shahid Sayyad Shirazi Boulevard.

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  • Tohid Park, Birjand

    Towhid Park of Birjand is one of the best Birjand parks that has a very good space and is a good place to sit and eat for an evening or dinner. It has a local park for sports such as volleyball and football, basketball and skating. The zoo has a very beautiful waterfront and is one of the most important attractions of the city of Birjand.

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  • Birjand Azadi Park

    Azadi Park is considered the first park in Birjand, which is located in the street of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has beautiful trees and sprites for recreation.

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  • Birjand Family Park

    Bustan Family is one of the urban parks in Birjand, which is located on the edge of Shahid Beheshti Street.

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