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  • Bucan's Comprehensive Mosque

    Bokan Mosque is located in the central and ancient part of the city of Bukan and next to the old hill, famous for the castle of Sardar hill. Also, this mosque is one of the major and most important mosques in the West Azarbaijan province.

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  • Urumieh Amzzadeh Gharib Hassan

    Ozadeh Gharib Hassan (Imamzadeh Ghareib Hassan) is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Urmia near the villages of Borhanlou and Qureshallo. These Imams are the descendants of Imam Zainal-Abedin (AS).

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  • Khoy Ammadzadeh Seyyed Yaghoub (as):

    The tomb of Emamzadeh Agha Seyyed Yaghoub is located in Taleghani avenue of Khoy. He died in 1354 AD, and his lovers buried him at his home in a beacon alley and built a dome and a bar on it. Gradually the courtyard, porch lunations. An add-on was added to this building

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  • Protected area of the Marrakesh West Azarbaijan

    The protected area of Marrakesh is located in parts of the area in East Azarbaijan province (Marand and Jolfa counties) and parts in West Azarbaijan province (Poldasht, Chayparareh and Khoy). The closest cities to this area are the cities of Jolfa and Hadi Shahr in the northeast of this region and the city of Qara Ziad al-Din in the southwest of the region.

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  • Golourdiye Bozgosh lake

    Golourardi Bozgosh Lake is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the West Azarbaijan province. Bozvshh or Bozvshh, the name of the mountain range along the east-west in the south of Sarab and north of the city of Mianeh.

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  • Piranshahr Khalakpour waterfall

    Khrapap waterFalls is one of the natural attractions of West Azarbaijan province, located in the city of Piranshahr.

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  • National Park of Urmia Lake

    National Park of Urmia Lake is one of the protected areas of the country, which, due to the natural conditions and suitable biological conditions for many kinds of birds and wildlife, are considered as one of the most valuable national parks in the country and even in the world. It is numbered.

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  • Salmas Khorkhore valley of waterfall

    Salmas Khorkhore valley of waterfall is located inside the valley and has beautiful and exquisite landscapes. This is a recreational area of the people of the people, as well as people of Salmas and Khoy and other nearby towns during the holidays.

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  • Khoy Chellkhaneh Waterfall

    Khoy Chellkhaneh Waterfall is located 5 km north of Yarim Qaya village in the province of Khoy. This cascade is located on the eastern slopes of the Peakh Home and requires access to technical skills and mountaineering equipment.

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  • The Forbidden Hunting Area of Aggel Maku

    The Forbidden Hunting Area of Aggel Maku is from the attractions of West Azarbaijan, from the north to the village of Sagh, located on the border between Iran and Turkey, to the west to the Gashlar catchment to the south along the border line of Iran and Turkey to the village of Yarīm The constraint is limited to the upper and lower limits.

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  • Banned hunting grounds Three Buchen Canyons

    The Three Hazard Hunting Zone of West Azarbaijan Province is located 15 km northeast of Bukan and is located at the Bokan axis of Miyandoab. This plain has 5 villages called the Tri-Khanian, Kanji Ali Poll, Kanji Sor, Kanji Gha and Armenian Golaghi.

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  • Orumieh Dalamper Lake

    The Dalamper Lake lies on the slopes of the Dalamir Mountains, 45km southwest of Urumia, the Delamper Lake, on the one side, is 35km from Asnoyeh and is considered as one of the attractions of the natural tourism of West Azarbaijan province.

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  • Ghar Saholan Bokan

    Saholan Cave, which Kurdish means frozen, is the second most cave in Iran, including the beautiful caves of the country. The local people call the Saholan Cave "Koone Kother", the nest of the pigeon

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  • Qinarjeh Takab waerfall

    Seasonal waterfall of Qinrjeh is located in the western part of Balhehis mountains and in the village of Qinirjeh (new functions). The waterfall of Qinrjeh is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the province of Azarbaijan, located 50 km north of Takab.

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  • Shargol Naghadeh lagoon

    Shargol Naghadeh lagoon is a shallow lake, a shallow lake that is sprinkled with water, which is supplied by local rain, springs and drainage of agricultural land. The major part of the geological organization of the wetland is generally related to the second and fourth epochs of geology.

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