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  • Dargh Sangi wetland

    Dargh Sanghi wetland located at the southern end of Urumieh Lake, 20 km from Nakhla city, and is called in the local dialect of Sirjan Goli. This permanent lagoon is located at an altitude of 1280 meters from the open sea level, with an area of 2100 hectares.

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  • Talab Zarrin Oshnavieh

    Round Zarrin Wetland is one of the most beautiful wetlands in the West Azarbaijan Province, located on the slopes of the Dalamir Mountains and at the zero point of the border of Iran, Turkey and Iraq. Zarrin Roundabout is located 45 km southwest of Urumieh and 35 km from Oshnavieh.

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  • Resgesh Sardasht

    Razjeh waterfall in Alan area, 13 km south of Sardasht city and on the edge of Sardasht communication road to Razjeh is one of the natural attractions of West Azarbaijan province.

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  • Talab Chamli Takab

    Chamli Lagoon is located in West Azarbaijan province. Chamlyi Gul (Badranlo Movable Grass) is located 17 km northeast of Takab city and 3 km east of Badrallo village of Afshar district.

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  • Arbaria Sulak Urumieh

    Urumieh Sulak Waterfall (Moana Waterfall) is located 40 km west of Urmia city and in the hillsides of the Rish valley. This beautiful waterfall is at the end of a valley full of water and sunshine in the village of Sulak.

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  • The prohibited hunting ground of Zarabad Khoy

    The forbidden hunting area of Zarabad Khoy is located in western Azarbaijan, a mountainous region which has been banned from hunting grounds since 1997

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  • Ashzar Qaleh Jouk Maku

    Qaleh Jowk Waterfall is located 5 km southwest of Maku town, on the edge of the village of Qaleh Jouq and in the middle of the beautiful castle of Qaleh Jouq.

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  • Aras River

    Aras River Rivers are rivers and streams in the northwestern border of the country that originate from Mount Bistogal (1000-pond) near Sarcheshme Euphrates in Turkey and eventually reaches the Caspian Sea; the nature surrounding the Aras River Along the boundary route, there are countless natural attractions for nature enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

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  • Kaveh Kaboodan Urmia

    In the northeastern part of Lake Urmia there is a fairly large desert that is forming around the desert. In the northeastern corner (at a distance between the Sharifkhaneh port in the north, the Dashkan province in the south), after the lake, there is a vast desert plain eastward to the nearest Tabriz. People around the desert are called dandruff and swamp.

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  • Tabriz Traveler's Park

    There are several passenger parks in Tabriz for passengers' comfort that passengers can go to the campsite for hire and use of their services.

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  • Ladies' Park 2 Tabriz (Ladies Bagh park)

    Ladies Park 2 is one of the gardens and women's special centers in Tabriz, located in the 1st district of Tabriz Municipality, with special recreational facilities for girls and women.

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  • Fun Time Laleh Park Tabriz

    Fun Time Laleh Park is one of the Tabriz Townships which is located in the third floor of the Laleh Park, Tabriz, along with its unique architecture and playground equipment. The visa application for children and adolescents is located on the third floor of the Laleh Parks Commercial and Recreational Complex.

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  • Telecabin Aoun bin Ali (Tabriz Telecabin)

    Telecabin Aoun bin Ali or Einali is the longest trapdoor in the country, part of the Aoun bin Ali promenade project and the nature park. Using Tabriz's cable car you can park up Aoun bin Ali and use it well.

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  • Tabriz Ghaem_E_magham Park

    Bostan Ghaem_E_magham or Ghaem_E_magham Gardens is one of Tabriz's gardens located on the northern margin of the Chaykenar Highway between Heydar Ridge and Sorkhab Market and in the vicinity of the Seghat-o-l-eslam.

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  • Baghlarbaghi Park of Tabriz

    One of the 3 major parks in Tabriz is one of the most popular parks in Bagheri Baghchi. Baghlar Baghi has a variety of recreational facilities and a good green space, adjacent to the Shahriar Master Boulevard and on the northern side of the entrance to Vali Asr Street.

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