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  • Park Ana Tabriz

    Park Ana Tabriz With its cultural and sports complex, Ana is considered one of the important Gardens of Tabriz, which in addition to the green space, provides sports, recreational and cultural services to citizens and tourists.

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  • Manzariye Park

    Manzariye is one of the neighborhoods of Tabriz city, which is located in the park. This park was established in 1993.

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  • Women's Park 1

    Tabriz Women's Park, also known as the Women's Park 1, is the first 5,000-square-meter area of the first women's park in the country, where there are various sports facilities, recreational activities and special programs for women.

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  • Shams Tabrizi Garden

    Shams Tabrizi Garden, as the largest garden - the urban park of the country is located in the heart of the city of Tabriz and next to the Chaikenar Ladies park.

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  • Valiasr Park, Tabriz

    Valiasr Park Tabriz is considered one of the beautiful and different parks of this metropolis, located in the eastern side of Tabriz and in Valiasr neighborhood; the proximity of Tabriz valisr parks to Baghlar-Baghi has caused many citizens to use this garden.

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  • Baghmishe Forest Park

    Baghmishe Forest Park is one of the largest parks in Tabriz, with many recreational and recreational facilities, including a playground and a good green space for spending your leisure time.

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  • Einali Forest Park Tabriz

    Einali Forest Park is one of the attractions of Tabriz city located in the northwest of the city and it is known as one of the main forest gardens in Tabriz due to its convenient recreational facilities.

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  • Eram Forest Park Tabriz

    Eram Forest Park is located in the northwest of Tabriz city and on the margin of the Pasdaran Highway and is used by citizens as one of the beautiful forest parks in Tabriz.

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  • Tourist Village Simorgh Tabriz (Omand Dam)

    Simorgh Tourist Recreational Village Tabriz is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country which is located alongside the dam of Omand Dam; Simorgh Village of Tabriz with wide and diverse facilities for recreation, recreation and accommodation can be one of the options. Good for recreation and excursions around Tabriz

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  • Hashtrood wetland

    Bezoojegh wetland is one of the most beautiful places in East Azarbaijan Province, which is considered as one of the 4 valuable and rich havens in the Hashtrodh. The cavewagh wetland is located 40 km west of the city between the villages of Bezoojegh and Ganj-Abad in a natural fortress.

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  • Mount Bozqoush 3303 m

    Big Bozgosh Mountain with a height of 3303 m is located on the border of Ardebil and East Azarbaijan and is located east of the Bastanabad border to the Khiva Kaveh section.

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  • Aras River

    The Aras River is a flooded river in the northwestern border of the country that originates from Mount Bidgul Ghar (Hezarberkeh) located near Sarcheshme Euphrates in Turkey and eventually reaches the Caspian Sea; the nature surrounding the Aras River Alongside the road's edge, there are countless natural attractions for nature enthusiasts and enthusiasts

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  • Khajeh Salt Dome, Tabriz

    In the southwest of Khajeh section, the mid-Miocene marls of Khajeh salt dome are located in which there is an open-air mining mine. The color of the salt stains is red, purple, honey, gray, and so on.

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  • The salt dome of Monroe Shabestar

    The salt dome of Monavar is considered to be one of the attractions of the tourist and tourism of East Azarbaijan Province, located 4 km south of the village of Monoor. The dome of Nakhid Moravar has a reddish purple and gray color with a middle Miocene age. Is .

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  • Tabriz Spiran Dash Salt Dome

    Spiran Dash Dome, 6 kilometers southwest, is located at the foot of the Spiran Dash near the waterway inside the middle mid-marl. The salt of this dome has been exploited by locals in the past.

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