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  • Driveh Mount Gol-e-Khat

    Kuh Gol Lake is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province and in the north-east of the Thirty-Hard Touristic City.

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  • More Zard Zilai

    In the distance of 185 km from Yasuj city in Marghon Boyer Ahmad, two beautiful and rare lakes are located a short distance from each other, called Moore Yellow and Shamed Paint.

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  • Belqis Chram Fountain

    : Balqis Fountain is a recreational garden in the city of Karam, located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, whose unique beauty is the dream of the Belgique of Queen Saba in Avon Suleiman Nabi.

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  • The Yazdan closet

    A tight closet is one of the beautiful natural attractions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyar-e-Mombeh, 13 km from the city of Yasouj, on the Yasuj to Thayt axis, in a valley with very tall planted trees and oak wood is located

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  • 3rd Stage of Shotower

    Shakhtar Polkan Village is the largest village in the Charosh district, which is considered one of the tourist attractions of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed. The Shotower village is located 7 km from the city of Qalajarisi and is more than a century old; the village of Shotareh Qaleh-e-Reisi also has a historical castle belonging to the Qajar period.

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  • Almour Charvas Village

    Elmour Dreamy Village is one of the subtleties of nature in the Charusha section, located three kilometers from the city of Qalya-Yerisi, an unforgettable summer of gardens that smells of smiles on nature guests.

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  • No 1 No Boyer Ahmed

    The cave of Noi, with four halls and six hundred meters in length, is one of the natural attractions of the province, located in the mountains of the Khayyaz Mountains on the border of Kuhgiluyeh and Boyerahmad - Khuzestan and at a height of 720 meters above sea level.

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  • The 3rd Floor of the Gujar Boyer Ahmad

    The Gavar Cave is located on the site of "Sorkhab" and in the year 1368 the province's climbing board has been identified. It is believed to have been used in the Sassanid era as a "sanctuary" (the house of elders and elderly people).

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  • Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Ranj mountain

    Ranj mountain is three thousand and eight hundred and fifty meters high in a region between Fars province and Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad.

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  • .Pazan Pir Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad

    The peak of pazan-e-Pir with a height of 4280 m is one of the high mountains of Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, located on the border of Qashqai district of Isfahan. The old man is located on the southern side of the Dhana Mountains and in the south of Bijan, and is the highest peak in the area.

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  • Mountains of Dena

    Dena mountain range with its numerous peaks is considered one of the main climatyas on the Zagros plateau. Among the peaks of the Dena mountain range are Dawa Valley 4350, Karsami 4260, Harawi 4300, Arawi 4310, Mash 4400, Bonn 4250, Heavenly Tower 4435, Mastan 4550, Morgagh 4420 m.

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  • Kerman Atlas tower

    Atlas tower of Kerman, with its modern architecture, is one of the largest shopping centers and commercial and administrative complexes in Kerman located in one of the best metropolitan areas of Kerman.

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  • Blanki Sirjan

    About 6 km northwest of Tang-Anjiro and about 34 km of Sirjan, there is a hill with hard stones called 'Tel Bronjō'.

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  • Sirjan Sphin

    : Sohreh-e-Sayyid, 200 meters high around Sirjan, which is called the castle of stone, has been in the past for itself a serpent, but now there is nothing left but a ruin, and the history of the city has been rocked to a time-wise Harun al-Rashid and the Parthians.

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  • Bel Iblis Bardsir

    Tel Iblis is located in Bardsir plain 80 km southwest of Kerman city. The ancient temple of Tel Avlis is formed in seven layers.

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