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  • Pirbala Waterfalls Marand

    Pirbala Waterfall is one of the attractions of the East Azarbaijan province, where the waterfall is located in the southeast of the Pir High Village. The oldest village is located 18 km from Marand city and after passing through 4 villages of Amamq, Love Abad, Esh Abadbala and Eysh Abad you will reach the village.

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  • Gogli Lake Lighthouse East Azarbaijan

    Gogli Lake Pond is one of the lakes in the East Azarbaijan province located on the hillside of Changil Mountain. The Googli Pond is a beautiful pond in the south of the village of Majarsin and in the village of Gonbarf.

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  • Dizmar Protected Area

    Dizmar Protected Area is a mountainous and forest area that is located in the province of Khodafarin, Varzaghan and Jolfa in the north of East Azarbaijan province.

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  • Sarkandizadeh Shabestar Waterfall

    Sarkandizadeh Waterfall is one of the most important recreational and mountainous areas located near the Shabestar city of East Azarbaijan province.

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  • Shurso Malekan Mineral Water

    Shurso-Malakan Tourism Area is located 6 km from Malekan city and is located between the two villages of Sheikh Baba and Sheikh-ul-Salam. Shurso mineral water with therapeutic properties in Malekan city is a suitable place for nature tourists and travelers.

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  • Maharan Jolfa Waterfall

    Maharan Jolfa Waterfall is located at the edge of Aras River, in the protected area of Kiamaki, East Azarbaijan Province, and is known as one of the natural attractions of this province.

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  • Dogijan Marand Cave

    Specifications: Dogijan is one of the villages in the East Azarbaijan province in the eastern part of the suburbs of Marand city, which after passing from the village of Ord Kalu and the new Bonab and Zarghan to the village. Between the village of Zarghan and Daghizan is a high mountain named after the cave that lies on this mountain.

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