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  • Negar Bardsir

    The historic Negar Tower in the village of Negar is located in the city of Bardsir and 25 km from the main road. Negar Bardsir is one of the works of the Seljuk era and is almost 900 years old.

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  • Gonbad Moshtagiyeh Kerman

    The beautiful domes of the Aspaghayeh construction form the foliage of the foliage of the surrounding trees. Three domes are beautifully interconnected.

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  • Historical Center of Meymand

    The Meymand Rocky Village is one of the most ancient human settlements in the world that has survived and survived twelve thousand years ago.

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  • Gonbad-e-Jebli-e-Kerman

    Dome of Jabloli is one of the historical works of Kerman located in the eastern part of the city and is based on stones and plaster. This dome, located on the west side of Saheb Al-Zaman Square, dates back to the late Sasanian or early Islamic periods.

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  • Sayyid Twin Sirjan

    The glaciers, or the twin and natural Sirjan lakes of the Qajar period, have been used to provide the glacial needs of the residents of central Kerman province.

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  • Rafsanjan's old gates and fence

    The remains of the gates and fences from the old city of Rafsanjan are one of the historical attractions of Kerman and Rafsanjan provinces, which was located in the center of Rafsanjan during the reign of Shah Bahram Seljuqi.

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  • Rafsanjan's Qasiriyah (Qaisar-e-Shah Bahram)

    Qaisar-e-Rafsanjan (Qaiserah Shah Bahram) is located in the eastern part of the Rafsanjan market and the history of this cultural monument dates back to the era of Al-Muzaffar.

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  • Rafsanjan Market

    Rafsanjan Historical Market is one of the most unique historical works of Kerman province, which shows the determination of the desert people for the prosperity of life and business.

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  • Ikhoddan Moeidi Kerman

    Yaqdan Moeidi is one of the historical works of Kerman city, located on the city's Abu Hamad Ave. This building was constructed in the late Safavid period and is named after the view that the renowned Qanat is one of the most famous elements of the iceberg.

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  • Ikhodan Zrisof Kerman

    Historical Ice Age Zristif Kerman is considered one of the historical works of Kerman, which is built with flower mud and represents the old architecture of the pilgrims.

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  • The historical collection of Ibrahim Khan Kerman

    : Ibrahim Khan's collection is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerman. It is a collection of historical monuments; this complex with 4,500 square meters of land, including school, bath, water supply and Ibrahim Khan market, is located in The northern side of the Ganjali Khan complex lies near the Ganjalikhan Sq. Of Kerman.

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  • Himalaya Shirjar Sirjan

    One of the recreational centers of Kerman province is considered to be the first zoo in the province. Sirjan Zoo has animals and species of birds that are kept on the land of 5 hectares. You can visit them.

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  • Kerman's Karban Wildlife Center

    Kerman's Zoo, previously known as the Waterfall Park, is one of Kerman's wildlife collections, in which more than 31 species of animal species including bear, ostrich, deer, fox, lion, Monkey, Pigeon and Peacock are kept.

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  • Shahid Bahonar Forest Park Kerman

    Shahid Bahonar Forest Park is one of the respiratory lungs of Kerman, which is in fact a property of natural resources, but it has been rented by the municipality of Kerman so that people can easily use their recreational facilities. . This park is located at the current Shahid Ayatollah Sadoughi Boulevard in Kerman.

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  • Persians Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park)

    The Khorram Parayesan Ghaem Kerman, also known as the Ghaem Forest Park, has been protruding with its numerous trees for six decades. The forest, with its 300 hectares, has lost 70 hectares over the years, but is still the main part of Kerman's green space.

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