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جستجوی #Iran

  • Navab Bath

    The public bath was constructed below ground level to save energy and tap into groundwater sources.

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  • Shah Alborz

    Shah Alborz is a mountain peak in Alborz range in Iran At an elevation of 4,200 metres.

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  • Mirza Moosa Mosque

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  • Moez-ol-Dowleh Mosque

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  • Majd-ol-Dowleh mosque

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  • Qandi mosque

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  • Filsof-ol-Dowleh Mosque

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  • Hamelon Caves

    Hamelon Caves in located in Fasham District, Tehra, IRan.

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  • Gole Zard Cave

    Gol-e-Zard Cave is one the most Beautiful caves near Tehran.

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  • Hiv Caves

    Hiv Caves is located in Tehran Province.

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  • Imamzade Ali lake

    Imamzade Ali Lake is located in Ab-Ask District, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Eram Park lake

    9 acres with a lake area features fishing, sailing and ...

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  • Tar & Havir lake

    Tectonic lakes of Tar and Havir are located in 30 km of the east of Damavand Township. They are mountainous fresh water lakes.

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  • Kond e Sofla & Olya village

    Kond village is consisted of two parts: Olya and Sofla. Konde Olya village is date back to early islamic period.

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  • Chal Mahalle waterfall

    This waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that is more beautiful than other waterfalls in this area. This waterfall is also known as Chal Magas waterfall.

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