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جستجوی #Park

  • Chabahar Women's Parks

    One of the city's special spaces for women and girls in the Chabahar Port, which has different parts including the green space, children's playground and entertainment, morning exercises, waterfalls, cactus gardens and pauses.

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  • National Park Turan

    Turan or Kharturan protected area consists of three protected areas, located at the end of the eastern province of Semnan and 250 km southeast of Shahrood city, near Khorasan province.

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  • The ancient castle of Shahroud Museum Park

    The museum is located in the first millennium BC and is located on the eastern hill of Sorouke Mountain overlooking Shahrud, and this work was recorded on July 11, 1996 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Urmia Egg Park (Esteghlal Park)

    Urmia Egg Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Urmia, which is located at the beginning of the city of Isar and is used by citizens and tourists.

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  • Urmia Forest Park

    Orumiyeh Forest Park, also known as the roof of the city of Urmia, is located in the southeast of Urumia on the high elevations overlooking the city and adjacent to the Sheikh Tapeh ancient hill.

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  • Urumieh Park Clock

    Park is the oldest Urmia park, famous for its magnificent oval clock, located in the southern part of the park. This clock has been working before, but it is now dead and without a counter.

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  • Park Student (Gouler Garden) Urmia

    Student Park or Guelher Badi is one of the beautiful parks in the city of Urmia, which is located along the park of Eller Garden and Coastal Park and is considered as one of the urban tourism centers of Urumia.

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  • National Park of Urmia Lake

    National Park of Urmia Lake is one of the protected areas of the country, which, due to the natural conditions and suitable biological conditions for many kinds of birds and wildlife, are considered as one of the most valuable national parks in the country and even in the world. It is numbered.

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  • Tabriz Traveler's Park

    There are several passenger parks in Tabriz for passengers' comfort that passengers can go to the campsite for hire and use of their services.

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  • Ladies' Park 2 Tabriz (Ladies Bagh park)

    Ladies Park 2 is one of the gardens and women's special centers in Tabriz, located in the 1st district of Tabriz Municipality, with special recreational facilities for girls and women.

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  • Fun Time Laleh Park Tabriz

    Fun Time Laleh Park is one of the Tabriz Townships which is located in the third floor of the Laleh Park, Tabriz, along with its unique architecture and playground equipment. The visa application for children and adolescents is located on the third floor of the Laleh Parks Commercial and Recreational Complex.

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  • Tabriz Ghaem_E_magham Park

    Bostan Ghaem_E_magham or Ghaem_E_magham Gardens is one of Tabriz's gardens located on the northern margin of the Chaykenar Highway between Heydar Ridge and Sorkhab Market and in the vicinity of the Seghat-o-l-eslam.

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  • Baghlarbaghi Park of Tabriz

    One of the 3 major parks in Tabriz is one of the most popular parks in Bagheri Baghchi. Baghlar Baghi has a variety of recreational facilities and a good green space, adjacent to the Shahriar Master Boulevard and on the northern side of the entrance to Vali Asr Street.

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  • Tabriz Water Park

    Tabriz Water Park is considered as the first underground water park and one of the recreational centers of Tabriz. Tabriz Water Park has already begun its work on recreation-sports.

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  • Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz

    Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz is located in Bagh Misha Town and has a large area that is located around the campus of sports complexes and women can use these devices all day.

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