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جستجوی #Tehran

  • Shiraz Hotel

    The Shiraz Hotel offers clean, compact but comfortable and well-equipped rooms with double-glazing to keep out the noise.

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  • Simorgh Hotel

    Virtually next door to the Raamtin, this 99-room hotel is popular with business visitors for its stylish, well-fitted but dimly lit rooms.

    0 دیدگاه 82 بازدید
  • Taaj Mahal Apartment hotel

    Taaj Mahal Apartment hotel is located on Sheikh Bahaee street and also have good facilities ..

    0 دیدگاه 113 بازدید
  • Asareh Hotel

    Asareh hotel is located on Zare Alley near Enqelab Square.

    0 دیدگاه 1080 بازدید
  • Kowsar Hotel

    The Kowsar hotel is located on Mollaei street and provides good facilities.

    0 دیدگاه 94 بازدید
  • White Tower (Borje Sefid) Hotel

    0 دیدگاه 207 بازدید
  • Bustan Shopping Mall

    This 7-story retail and office building has an area of 9600 square meters and more than 1,000 units. Over a hundred thousand people visit the spiral-type shopping center daily.

    0 دیدگاه 218 بازدید
  • Donyaye Noor Shopping Mall

    This shopping complex covers an area of 1791 square meters and is the largest shopping center in east Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 586 بازدید
  • Parand International Karting

    Parand International Kart Racing Complex is situated approximately 35 km southwest of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 216 بازدید
  • Karting of Azadi Sport Complex

    Azadi Karting is a leading company in sport and entertainment industry, mainly active in design and construction of specific kinds of sports and youth related entertainments.

    0 دیدگاه 214 بازدید
  • National Car Museum Karting

    The National Car Museum Karting is in Karaj Highway, opened in 2001.

    0 دیدگاه 202 بازدید
  • Wond‌erland Bowling

    Wond‌erland Bowling Center is located in Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 1996 بازدید
  • Shian Bowling club

    Shian bowling is one of the bowling clubs in Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 574 بازدید
  • Arikeh Iranian bowling

    The bowling and system banks are of the most advanced facilities in the world , with twelve lines , it can host international competitions.

    0 دیدگاه 276 بازدید
  • Enghelab Bowling Club

    Enghelab Bowling Club is located at Tehran, Iran.

    0 دیدگاه 192 بازدید