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  • Princes of the Prince of Hussein Jupar

    Prince Jaapar is one of the most prominent members of the Jupar section of the functions of Kerman. This Emamzadeh has an interesting architecture and construction. The monument of Prince Hossein Jupari (AS), numbered 529 of the historical monuments of Iran, dates back to the Safavid era, and part of its tile dates back to Nasir al-Din Shah's time.

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  • Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad)

    Holy Holy Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad) in the historical context of Kerman, as a beautiful neigbing shimmer, and a refuge for the bored and afflicted. The historical monument of Imam Zadeh Mohammad city of Kerman belongs to the middle of the Safavid period and is rectangular and consists of three porches, dome, porch, courtyard and porch.

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  • Masjid Pamenar Kerman

    Among the old mosques of Kerman, dating from the time of Emadeddin Ahmed from the rulers of the Al-Muzaffar era in Kerman, is Pamenar Mosque, the Pamenar Mosque of Kerman is located near the mosque of Kerman.

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  • Chehel-Sotoun mosques of Kerman

    Chehel-Soton Mosque of Kerman is one of the famous memoirs of Haj Agha Ali Zaimullah, a famous merchant of the Qajar era, who left him with a bazaar, caravanserai, water storage, and Chehel-Soton mosque on Shariati avenue of Kerman.

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  • Malek Kerman mosques (Imam Khomeini Mosque)

    Malek mosque or Imam Khomeini Mosque of Kerman is the oldest and largest mosque in Kerman, 900 years old is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Malek mosque was built during the rule of Turan Shah Seljuq and has many nurseries.

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  • The Great Mosque of Kerman

    The Great Mosque of Kerman, this precious Islamic monument is located in Shariaty avenue and in the Mishtaq Square, and shines with its 700 years of age as an illusion on the palace of this great city.

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  • Ganjalikhan Mosque of Kerman

    Ganjalikhan Mosque of Kerman is located on the northeast side of Ganjali Khan field and is one of the valuable works created by this ruler of the Safavid era in Kerman. The architect of this mosque is Mohammad Memar Yazdi, whose construction of other parts of this complex is capable of He is done.

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  • Mosque of Aqa Gholamali Kerman

    Aqa Gholamali Kerman Mosque This mosque is located in the city of Kermān (Tohid), one of the oldest and most ancient mosques in the city of Kerman. Aqa Gholamali Mosque was built in 1229 AH 200 years ago by a person named Aqa Gholamali.

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  • Abshahr Three Bowls of the World John Baft

    Cascade Three Kaseh Jahan Jahan Kerman Province is located 1 km south of the village of Jahan and is at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The waterfall of the three bowls of the world is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerman.

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  • Ashzar Hejin Bardsir

    Hejin Waterfall Kerman Province is located in the northern part of the city of Bardsir and in a plain that is surrounded by the Hajjan villages, Malek Abad, Khalagabad and other shores of the rivers of Hajjin.

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  • Ashzar Chahrin Rabar

    : Chehran Waterfall Kerman Province is considered one of the beautiful and pristine areas of Rabr because other parts of this area are covered with walnut, apricot, spruce, as well as springs, grass and river course.

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  • Abashar and Ravar (Different Rivers) Jiroft

    Vervar Waterfall (Raza Farah) Jiroft, which originates from the "Different" river, is considered to be the most beautiful tourist attraction of Amberabad city.

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  • Arshkan-e Erdakan-kerman

    Erdikan waterfall Kerman province is located 2 km east of the highest residential area of Iran, in the village of Erdikan and on the southwest slopes of Mount 1000. A cascade of water coming from the snow and ice of the high mountains and the summit of the thousand.

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  • Dusar Shahri Jiroft

    Five kilometers east of Jiroft road to Kahnouj is located in the beautiful Dosari village; this village is located at a relatively pink colored limestone, 5 km from the main road and has a beautiful waterfall.

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  • Basham Bakhmak Bam

    Bakhmakk Waterfall The Kerman Province is located 5 km from Bam city and along the river of Bakhmak village. The village of Bakhmak is located in the central part of Bam city and in the west of this city.

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