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جستجوی #-Ali

  • Rajab Ali Mosque

    This ancient Rajab Ali Mosque is located in Boozarjomehri St and in "Darkhangah" sector. The mosque has a vast courtyard with a Shabestan both for summer and winter nocturnal prayers.

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  • Ab Ali Ski Area

    the first ski slope to install mechanical ski lifts in the country near capital city Tehran. This small piste is the birthplace of modern ski and the base of winter sport in Iran, its slopes are suitable for beginner skiers.

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  • Australia

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  • Jamali exchange

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  • Valiasr Avenue

    Valiasr Avenue is Tehran's longest avenue that connects its southernmost point to the furthest northern end. It is considered one of Tehran's main thoroughfares and commercial centers.

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  • Haj Qanbar Alikhan mosque

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  • Imamzade Ali lake

    Imamzade Ali Lake is located in Ab-Ask District, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Ali Asghar Hospital

    Ali Asghar is Tehran's 4th largest children's hospital caring for 4800 children annually.

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  • Ab’ali village

    Abali village is located in Northeastern Tehran and North of Damavand in a mountainous-valley area in an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level. Ab’ali has a moderate climate with very cold winters.

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  • Cheshmeh-Ali

    Cheshmeh-Ali ("Spring of Ali") is an ancient recreational place, located in the south of Tehran and north of Rey.

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  • Bu-Ali Pharmacy

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  • Mali

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  • Booali Guest House

    Booali Guest House is located near Rahahan Sq ( Tehran`s Railway Station), Iran.

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  • Somalia

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  • Al-Qchin Alia tower

    Al-Qchin Alia tower is one of the historical monuments and cultural heritage of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Provinces, dating to the later centuries after the post-Islamic period. This monument was registered on September 18, 2008 with the registration number 23337 as one of the national works of Iran.

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