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  • Asad Beigi Exchange

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  • Emam Sadegh mosque

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  • Toseye Saderat money exhange

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Sadeghiyeh Branch

    Sadeghiyeh is one of the Branches of Shahrvand Chain Store, located in the west area of Tehran and has good access to public transport.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Sadeghiyeh Metro Branch

    The Sadeghiyeh Metro Branch of Shahrvand Chain Store is located in west area of Tehran and hence it has good access to public transportation.

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  • Sadeghi Money Exchange

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  • Sepehr (Saderat) Money Exchange

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  • English version Test

    Especially in Iran, where what is permissible — to say, to do, to be seen to say or do — is an ever changing thing. It took us many years of trying before we were finally allowed into Iran, the country with which we .... All Rights Reserved

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  • Abbasad Sadahna Samirm

    Sadehna waterfall is located 30 km from Semiram Road to Hana and near the Henna Dam. Sadehna waterfall is beside the dam and its lake and it is also suitable for wild goose, ducks and other migratory birds. The Hana Lake, located in the southeast of the city of Semirom, stores 50 million cubic meters of water annually and is the carp farming site.

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  • Kouh-e-Saddaghi

    Mount Saddaraghi with a height of 2986 meters is located in Ardebil city, central part, Sabalan village, 20 km west of Ardebil city center.

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  • Sayyid Sadruddin Chaldoran

    Seyyed Sadruddin's Tomb is one of the most important historical and religious buildings in the city of Chaldoran, which is a reminder of the courage and courage of Iranians and has become one of the attractions of Chaldoran tourism.

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