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جستجوی #3-star

  • Pardis Apartment Hotel

    this hotel is located in one of the best residential and commercial areas of Tehran including some positive aspects

    0 دیدگاه 309 بازدید
  • Pazhouhesh Hotel Tehran

    Pazhouhesh hotel belongs to Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute.

    0 دیدگاه 119 بازدید
  • Parsa Hotel Tehran

    The hotel is located in Taleqani Street, opposite of Jahad sazandegi.

    0 دیدگاه 103 بازدید
  • Atlas Hotel

    Atlas Hotel Located in center of Tehran, close to shopping center and metro and a beautiful garden is designed for an enjoyable quite evenings.

    0 دیدگاه 85 بازدید
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel

    Parsian Azadi Hotel is one of the biggest hotels of Iran with 475 rooms and different kinds of banquet halls.

    0 دیدگاه 153 بازدید
  • Grand Eram Hotel Tehran

    The hotel is located on Haqqani Highway and provides good facilities.

    0 دیدگاه 126 بازدید
  • Hotel Azadi

    Being located in down Town , The azadi hotel provides you with the possibility of having access to all parts of the city.

    0 دیدگاه 78 بازدید
  • Hotel Bolour

    The Bolour Hotel is looked at the center of the city; so, access to offices and shopping centers is easy.

    0 دیدگاه 99 بازدید
  • Golestan Hotel

    Among a bevy of furniture stores on a quiet section of Hafez St., the 36-room Golestan Hotel is in an area around historic Hassan Abad Sq.

    0 دیدگاه 98 بازدید
  • Baba Taher Hotel Tehran

    Baba Taher Hotel or Hotel Marmr is one of the hotels located in the most central and convenient access place of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 1146 بازدید
  • Hafez Hotel

    Hafez hotel is located in center of Tehran and is close to national museum, abgine, coin and jewelry museum, Golestan palace, big Tehran bazaar and central metro station.

    0 دیدگاه 75 بازدید
  • Tehran Homa Hotel

    The 5 star Homa hotel is only a short distance from all major cultural and historical attractions, political and economical centers.

    0 دیدگاه 87 بازدید
  • Khayyam Hotel

    Quiet place with helpful, engaging service but worn, overpriced rooms and squat toilets.

    0 دیدگاه 95 بازدید
  • Hotel Naderi

    The charm of high-ceilinged rooms, ‘50s-era Bakelite telephones, a manual switchboard and decades-old furnishings is offset by dripping taps, grubby floors and, apart from Davoud, grumpy service.

    0 دیدگاه 102 بازدید
  • Markazi Hotel

    Small, clean rooms in a lively street. Toilets are squats.

    0 دیدگاه 90 بازدید