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جستجوی #Bridge

  • Davood Pizza

    Davood Pizza`s staff are so friendly and nice. BTW, sit outside, so you can enjoy the avenue, too.

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  • Tabiat Bridge (Natural Bridge)

    Tabiat Bridge (Nature Bridge) is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran. The 270-metre (890 ft) bridge connects two public parks—Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park—by spanning one of the main highways in northern Tehran.

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  • Plack Cut Bridge Kohkiluyeh

    : is one of the historical attractions of Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, which dates back to the post-Islamic era.

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  • Gachsaran Khaki bridge

    Gachsaran Khaki bridge is one of the historical monuments of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and dates back to the post-Islamic period. The Gachsaran bridge has been registered as a national monument of Iran on November 13, 2007 with the registration number 19745.

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  • Khairi and Mohammad Khan Gachsaran bridge

    : Next to Gachsaran's road to Dehdasht and 50 kilometers northwest of Gachsaran, a huge bridge from the Islamic period that is known as Khairi Bridge and Mohammad Khan. The bridge was built on the Khyrabad River, which is most likely to be built during the Islamic period and after the destruction of the bridge in the Sassanid period.

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  • Let's take a historic bridge (Paul Prince)

    The historic bridge known as the Pauline Prince is about 8 km east of Basoth, next to the village of Cham Bolbil, about 90 km from the provincial capital.

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  • Jalalabad Bridge Kerman

    Tower of Jalalabad is one of the historical monuments of Kerman province, located in the center of the village and dates back to the 10th-13th centuries AD and the reign of the Qajar dynasty.

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  • Blogging of the Jumping Bridge of Bilakhan Karaj

    The pleasure of jumping from Bilkhan Bridge on the river and the pendulum at a height of 35 meters is undoubtedly an experience that can not be easily passed; in order to achieve this experience you can have one of the highest emotions possible during a lifetime. Experience yourself at Banji Jumping Bridge Bilkhan.

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  • Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge

    Banoo Sahra Savojbolagh Bridge is related to the Safavid period and is located in a small part of the village of Banu Sahara. The bridge is located two kilometers northwest of Kordan village.

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  • Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge

    Shah Abbasi bridge is built at the entrance of the city on the Karaj River. The Karaj road is located in Chalous on the eastern side of the bridge and the new bridge is located at the entrance of the city and on its southern side.

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  • Ahwaz White Bridge

    Ahvaz White Bridge or Suspension Bridge is one of the famous bridges of Ahwaz city, which is also one of the symbols of this city. Now the white bridge has become one of the attractions of Ahwaz tourism, especially since the bridge lighting is beautiful and eye-catching at night.

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  • The Old Bridge of Dezful (Sassanian Bridge)

    The Old Bridge of Dezful (Sassanid Bridge) is actually the oldest bridge in the world, which has been built by the passing of more than 10 centuries for the survival of pedestrians and riders.

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  • Suspension bridge Pir taghi Khalkhal

    Pendulum Suspension Bridge has become one of the tourist attractions of Ardebil province, which is located near the part of the Hashtjin district of Khalkhal city. Pigeon is actually the tallest pedestrian bridge in the mountainous region called "Durand Myshkul", passing through it is an exciting recreation for travelers and tourists.

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  • Aghlaghan Bridge Nir

    Aghlaghan bridge in Nir the city of Ardebil, parallel to the Ardebil road, is located on the Saraghan river in Sarab.

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  • Samian bridge

    Samiyan bridge is located in Mesghin Shahr, about 15 km from the old Ardebil road.

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