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جستجوی #Bus

  • Bustan Shopping Mall

    This 7-story retail and office building has an area of 9600 square meters and more than 1,000 units. Over a hundred thousand people visit the spiral-type shopping center daily.

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  • South Bus Station

    The Southern bus terminal (Terminal-e-jonoob) is well equipped and handles buses head to and from destinations south of Tehran.

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  • West Bus Terminal

    The Western bus terminal (Terminal-e-gharb) is the biggest, busiest and best equipped of Tehran's terminals. Most international buses, as well as those heading to the Caspian Sea region and destinations west of Tehran originate and terminate here..

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  • Beyhaghi Bus Terminal

    The Beihaghi bus terminal (Terminal-e-beihaghi) is located beside Arzhantin Square (Argentina Sq), around 1 km west of the Mossallah metro stop.

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  • East Bus Terminal

    The Eastern bus terminal (Terminal-e-shargh), seven km north-east of Emam Hossein square, handles buses to/from Khorasan province, as well services to the north..

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  • Old Bazzar of Bushehr

    The old Bazzar of Bushehr is one of the famous and historically famous shopping centers of Bushehr, dating back to the Qajar period. The old fashioned Bushehr market is one of the most beautiful and most expensive parts of trading and selling various goods.

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  • Safa Bazzar of Bushehr

    Safa Bushehr Market is another old market and, of course, Bushehr port view, where you can find all kinds of food, items of food and goods you need at an affordable price.

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  • Lian Bushehr Mall

    Lian Bushehr Mall is one of the shopping centers in this port city where you can find the various items you need. Lian Pass is located near the Mohammad Square and adjacent to several shopping malls including Azadegan Passage and Mellat Passage.

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  • Olive Shopping Center of Bushehr

    Olive Shopping Center Bushehr is one of the famous shopping centers of Bushehr port located in the area of Motahari Ave Bushehr and in different categories it can find the goods you need. The Olive Passage is considered to be the stylish passage of Bushehr. There is also a recreational complex next to it.

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  • Bushehr Azadi Mall

    Bushehr Freedom Shopping Center is one of the famous passages in the city located on Shohada Street of Bushehr and you can buy the various goods you need from its shops.

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  • Shoghab Park of Bushehr

    : Shoghab Park is one of the most beautiful and historic boosters in Bushehr port. Its location beside the Gulf coast has provided a unique and beautiful landscape, and on the other hand, due to the almost perfect facilities in the park for tourists. Which are traveling to Bushehr.

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  • Jofre Alibash Park of Bushehr

    This Park is one of the new parks in the city of Bushehr, which is located along the Entezam Square and has become a place for rest and recreation of Bushehr families. The park is equipped with appropriate lighting and lighting, safe toys for children's toys, family sports equipment and appropriate trees for tourists and citizens.

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  • Ghavam Park of Bushehr

    Ghavam Park of Bushehr is one of the beautiful parks in this beautiful city with the famous Ghavam Restaurant. This restaurant was built at the site of the Ghavam water reservoir in Bushehr.

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  • Madar Park of Bushehr

    This park is located beside the Bushehr cultural complex and is considered one of the beautiful parks of this port city.

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  • Bushehr enterainment Complex

    Bushehr International Water Sports Complex is one of the seaside resort's complexes, with a capacity of 120 people. Designed for children and adults, this complex has massage chambers, a sauna and a steam room, a fog, jacuzzi and other recreational facilities.

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