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جستجوی #Castle

  • Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle(

    Qalee Shadi (Happy Castle) amusement park is one of the Tehran`s theme Parks.

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  • Rashkan Castle

    Rashkan Castle is an Arsacid Era (247 BC–224 CE) structure intended to hold the city of Rey.

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  • Ancient castle along the Jirvftah (sandy hill)

    The ancient hills along the Jiroft River is one of the most historic and most visited tourist destinations in the south of Kerman, where many tourists visit Jiroft for visiting these ancient regions annually.

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  • Seghar Taleghan castle

    1050 meters north of the village of Segaran and above the summit, surrounded by valleys surrounded by it, it is completely on the raised and single-faced, there is a historical castle known as the castle of Segaran.

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  • Derakhsh Darmian castle

    Derakhsh Darmian castle is built with a four-sided map and the main entrance is located on the southern side. It has six circular towers on the southern, western and northern sides. The entrance is on the southern side, and then there is an octagonal space with a dome covering of the sweatshirt type.

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  • Sha'dzh-e-Nehbandan castle

    Sha'dzh -e-Nehbandan castle is located 5 km east of Nehbandan. The materials used in it include stones and bricks, which in some places are located on each other without mortar.

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  • Forg Darmian Castle

    Forg Darmian castle is one of the historical castles of southern Khorasan province, which is located in the village of Fugg. Fort Forg is located 90 km east of Birjand and 10 km from Asadiyeh city. The fortress of Forg Darmian Castle was built at the time of Nader Shah by the governor of Mirza Baqa Khan.

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  • Birjand castle

    Historical castle of Birjand is located above a hill overlooking the city's urban texture. The castle of Birjand, also known as the fort and bottom of the castle, is considered to be the largest and oldest historical building in Birjand. The castle of Birjand has a four-sided design and has six blocks in the four corners and middle of the western and southern barracks.

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  • Arjan Castle Behbahan

    Arjan castle is located in Behbahan city. The castle of Arjan Behbahan during the Sassanid era and defended against the invasion of Arabs in the northwestern part of Behbahan by Ariberzan, who is said to be in the Roman language of Aryubrzan.

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  • Castle Da and Dokhtar

    Castle Da and Dokhtar in northern Ramhormoz are on the road belt and on the gypsum mountains at an altitude of about 600 meters. This castle is similar to the Roman castle around the Mediterranean Sea, according to archaeologists belonging to the Sassanid period.

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  • Salasel Castle in Shoshtar

    Salasel castle is located in the Khuzestan province and in the northwest of Shoshtar city near the Shatit River. The castle dates back to some Sassani traditions. But according to Rawlinson, this castle is not the old castle of the Sassanid era.

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  • Shosh castle

    Shosh historical castle is one of the remains of the Qajar era, including the attractions of the city of Susa, located on Taleghani Street in this city.

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  • Khaje Kong (Kale Kang castle)

    Kaleh Kong Peninsula is one of the most important and major fire temples of the Sassanid period, which requires extensive archaeological research; the Kale Kong Peninsula, a village in the same name, This area has been.

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  • Saltan and Baluchestan soldier's castle

    : Sarbaz castle is one of the most significant historical buildings in the south of Sistan and Balouchestan province, its distance from the center of the city is 76 kilometers; it is known that this building was built in the early Islamic era after the domination of the Arabs on the Makran region. .

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  • Heydarabad castle

    Heydarabad castle is one of the historical castles of Sistan and Baluchestan province whose historic date dates back to the late Qajar era; Hyderabad castle is located in the eastern suburbs at the end of Khash street soldier.

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