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جستجوی #Cave

  • Jalal abad Ice Cave

    Jalalabad Ice Cave is located 5 kilometers east of the Mojolan village.

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  • Roodafshan Cave

    The cave stands in the 50 km from S-E of township of Damavand, near the Roodafshan Village in a mountainous region.

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  • Hamelon Caves

    Hamelon Caves in located in Fasham District, Tehra, IRan.

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  • Gole Zard Cave

    Gol-e-Zard Cave is one the most Beautiful caves near Tehran.

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  • Hiv Caves

    Hiv Caves is located in Tehran Province.

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  • Boornik cave

    The Bournik cave is located in around height of Bournik valley. Its height is about 2000meters above the sea level and 100meters from the Bournik plain.

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  • Laloun (Lalan) cave

    Laloun (Lalan) cave Is located in southwest of Laloon village ,Tehran. The entrance of the cave is at an altitude of 400 meters in the high cliffs.

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  • Vaziri Caved Museum

    Vaziri Caved Museum is the first private and personal caved museum in Iran which is directed by Prof. Naser Houshmand.

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  • Yakh Morad Cave

    Yakh Morad Cave is one of the ideal destinations for winter tourism and it offers a good opportunity for ecotourists to visit this beautiful cave.

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  • Mirza Rafsanjan's cave

    Mirza Cave is located 30 km northeast of Rafsanjan city and in the village of Ten Rangelands and is one of the attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Boof Cave

    Boof Cave is placed in the southwest of Zagros Mountains, north west of Fars province and 100 kilometers from a direct line from Persian Gulf.

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  • Ayoub is a cave of Kerman province

    , located on Mount Ayub, in the southeast of the city of Dehaye. The origin of this cave is volcanic lava, which adds to the importance of the Ayoub Cave.

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  • Baba Jaber Delijan cave

    Baba Jaber Cave is located on the northern slopes of Mount Baba Jaber, 53 km southwest of Delijan.

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  • Dengzlo, Semirom cave

    Dengzloo Cave is located in the northeastern part of Dena Mountain, near the village of Dengzloo, and is one of the important water resources of the Padena area. The cave of Dengzloo Semirom is known as Ali Asdar in Isfahan due to the current flow of water and you should use the boat to visit it.

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  • Shahr-e-Reza shah ghandab cave

    The beautiful cave of Shah Ghandab is located in the south-east of Shahreza and is one of the most beautiful caves in Isfahan province. In the Shah Qandab Shahreza Shahreza cave lies a spring that is not waterable; on the roof of Shah Qandab Cave, there are various forms of beauty like the tiger's skin.

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