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جستجوی #Cheshmeh-

  • Baghsh Cheshmeh Belqis Chram

    Belfish Springs is a recreational garden in the city of Chram, located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, whose unique beauty is the dream of the Belgique of Queen Saba in Avon Suleiman Nabi.

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  • Cheshmeh A‘la Spring

    Cheshmeh A‘la is a mineral spring located about 4 km north of the city of Damavand, Iran.

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  • Haft cheshmeh Waterfall

    Haft Cheshmeh (Seven Springs) is name of a narrow valley which includes seven springs and ends to a high waterfall.

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  • Cheshmeh-Ali

    Cheshmeh-Ali ("Spring of Ali") is an ancient recreational place, located in the south of Tehran and north of Rey.

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  • Cheshmeh Molid Tower in Birjand

    Cheshmeh Molid Tower in Birjand is one of the historical towers of the Southern Khorasan Province dating back to the Safavid period and has been registered in the national monuments list.

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  • Cheshmeh Ali Damghan

    Cheshmeh Ali, located 35 km north of Damghan along the Damghan-Kaiser-Sari Road and between the villages of Astaneh and Kalateh Roodbar.

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