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جستجوی #FOrest

  • Taleghani Park

    If you are looking for a good Forest Park within north of Tehran, you can find the Taleghani Park.

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  • Kuhsar Forest Park

    Kuhsar forest park is located in the foothills of the alborz mountain range in northwestern part of Tehran. This forest park is in northwest of Sharan and in north of Kan district where it stretches from Kan River in the west to farahzad river in the east.

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  • Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park

    Sorkheh Hesar Forest Park whit good facilities caters to travelers and tourists needs.

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  • Lavizan Forest Park

    Lavizan area consists of a Residential area and forested Recreation area called Lavizan Forest Park.

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  • Yas Forest Park

    As large as 1400 ha, Yas Forest Park became ready for public use.

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  • Shahid Bahonar Forest Park Kerman

    Shahid Bahonar Forest Park is one of the respiratory lungs of Kerman, which is in fact a property of natural resources, but it has been rented by the municipality of Kerman so that people can easily use their recreational facilities. . This park is located at the current Shahid Ayatollah Sadoughi Boulevard in Kerman.

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  • Persians Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park)

    The Khorram Parayesan Ghaem Kerman, also known as the Ghaem Forest Park, has been protruding with its numerous trees for six decades. The forest, with its 300 hectares, has lost 70 hectares over the years, but is still the main part of Kerman's green space.

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  • Bushehr Chah Kootah Forest Park

    This Park is one of the entertainment centers around the Bushehr port located near a village of the same name and 50 km from Bushehr. Bushehr Short-Range Forest Park is 40 years old and is considered as a beautiful and breath-taking place for tourists and Bushehr residents. Here is the place to live on a variety of plants and birds living on the beach.

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  • Birjand Forest Park

    Birjand Forest Park is one of the recreational sites in the southern Khorasan which is adjacent to Mosalla Al-Mahdi; the utilization of the Birjand forest park has been delegated to the municipality by natural resources and watersheds.

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  • Qohestan-e-Qaeen Forest Park

    Qohestan-e-Qaeen Forest Park, with 117 hectares of plantation, is one of the largest forest parks in South Khorasan Province.

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  • Sarbisheh Forest Park

    Sarbisheh Forest Park is one of the forest parks in the southern Khorasan province, which is located at the entrance to Sarbisheh city and at first glance the attention of every passer-by-passer passing by it.

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  • Forest and waterfalls Name of the Nick

    Forest and Nickname waterfall are located in Shahrood city and in the northern waters of the province and are considered as a valuable natural attraction of this village. The beautiful "Good Name" cascade attracts many tourists every year

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  • Ashzar (Cloud Forest)

    Alohall Waterfall, Cloud Forest, located 45 km north of Shahrud, on the Shahrood Road

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  • Urmia Forest Park

    Orumiyeh Forest Park, also known as the roof of the city of Urmia, is located in the southeast of Urumia on the high elevations overlooking the city and adjacent to the Sheikh Tapeh ancient hill.

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  • Baghmishe Forest Park

    Baghmishe Forest Park is one of the largest parks in Tabriz, with many recreational and recreational facilities, including a playground and a good green space for spending your leisure time.

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