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جستجوی #Hall

  • Hally Hotel

    The hotel has been working since 1951 with relaxing environment, modern facilities and friendly staffs.

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  • Lar Mahalle waterfall

    This beautiful seasonal waterfall is originates from Mount Kasounak and have special view in spring. The beautiful Kasounak peak is located near this area in Lar beautiful plain.

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  • Chal Mahalle waterfall

    This waterfall is a seasonal waterfall that is more beautiful than other waterfalls in this area. This waterfall is also known as Chal Magas waterfall.

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  • Cinema museum movie Hall

    Cinema museum whit 2 movie Hall is located in north of Tehran.

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  • Sangelaj Hall

    Sangelaj Hall is the first equipped theater hall in Tehran.

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  • Iranshahr theater (Tamashakhaneh Iranshahr)

    Tamashakhaneh Iranshahr Is One of Tehran’s oldest theatres, this beautiful building in peaceful Park-e Honar Mandan always has something (or several things) performing.

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  • Vahdat Hall

    Vahdat Hall formerly Roudaki Hall is a well-equipped, prestigious and modern venue and a legacy of a prosperous and developing period for Iranian music, dance and performing arts.

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  • Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National

    South Khorasan Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National South Khorasan in the oldest building of the mansion world Akbarieh (late Zand) that governmental citadel Amir Alam Khan large "Heshmat al-Molk Alam" is located in a relief images and biography Introduces the celebrities and cooks of the province.

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  • Tabriz BaghlarBaghi Town Hall

    Tabriz BaghlarBaghi Town Hall is the largest casino in Tabriz and the northwestern region of the country. The area of Tabriz's Baghlar Baghi is about 4,000 square meters and its height reaches 10 meters.

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  • Baghmysheh Town Hall Tabriz

    Baghmeysh Town Hall of Tabriz is considered as one of the recreational centers of this metropolis, which has a variety of recreational activities for children and adolescents, which can provide good watches for your children.

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