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جستجوی #House

  • Eslami Guest House

    If you are looking for a good Guest House near Tehran's Railway Station, you can find the Eslami Guest House.

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  • Anis al-Dawla house

    In south Valiasr, north of Mowlavi Street, behind a large sign for the Sheep Butchers’ Union, is the house of Anis al-Doleh, favourite wife of the Qajar king, Nasser al-Din Shah.

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  • Misagh Guesthouse

    Tehran Convention within the hospitality market and has a great location for access to the metropolitan area .

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  • Ekbatan Guest House

    Ekbatan is one of the guest houses located in the central area of Tehran and has good access to public transport .

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  • Azari Traditional Tea House

    Azari Traditional Tea House is a traditional restaurant with wonderful atmosphere, serving great food for lunch and dinner. However, during dinner they have a variety of entertaining programs: traditional music and songs.

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  • Esfahan Guesthouse

    Esfahan Guesthouse located in the central area of Tehran . it has good access to markets and public transport.

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  • Amol Mazandaran Guest House

    Set around a small courtyard away from the e of Amir Kabir St, this 22-room place is one of the best deals in the area for its price and location above a very local chaykhaneh (teahouse).

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  • Mowlavi Guest House

    Mowlavi is one of the guest houses located in the central area of Tehran and has good access to public transport.

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  • Shahre Rey Guest House

    Shahre Rey Guest House is one of the Tehran residential centers located near Shah Abd-ol Azim Holy Shrine.

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  • imam khomeini`s house

    Imam Khomeini`s house was in the Jamaran neighbourhood. This house consists of a single storey building located behind Husseiniah Jamaran.

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  • hossein khodadad`s house

    Tucked away on a shady lane in the Zafaranieh district of North Tehran stands a wedding cake of a mansion, painted blue with intricate white trim. Once the home of Hossein Khodadad, a wealthy merchant who made a fortune in shipping and textiles, the estate is now a museum dedicated to that most elusive of subjects: time.

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  • Entezami House Museum

    Leading Iranian actor Ezzatollah Entezami House Museum, dedicated to Iranian theater, is scheduled to kick off in the capital city of Tehran.

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  • Dr Shariati House museum

    House Museum of Dr. Ali Shariati, the renowned sociologist and thinker of the contemporary era is located in the center of Tehran.

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  • Chamran House museum

    in July 2008 and simultaneously with the martyrdom anniversary of Mostafa Chamran, the house museum of Chamran was opened.

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  • Dr. Hassan Habibi House Museum

    Amir Kabir Foundation also known as the house of Dr. Hassan Habibi is located At center of Tehran.

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