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جستجوی #Ibn

  • Ebn-e Babveyh cemetery

    Ebn-e Babooyeh cemetery (also known ax Ebn-e Babveyh, or Ibn-e Baabevey‎‎) is located in Iran in the town of Rey (now inside Greater Tehran metropolitan area).

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  • Ibn Hosam Khosfi's tomb

    The tomb of the prominent poet Ibn Hesam is constructed with a general octagonal form with a dome like a pebble, which is originally the norrogar of the tomb.

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  • Imam Zadeh Hussein ibn Musa Alakam Tabas

    Avent Mubarak Imamzadeh Hussein ibn Musa Alakam in Tabas city, south of Khorasan province, is one of the religious attractions of this city, where many pilgrims see it on the way to Imam Reza's entrance. Hazrat Hussein ibn Musa Alkazem is the holy brother of Imam Reza.

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  • Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi monument

    Ali Ibn Mahsyar Ahwazi is located in Ahvaz and is one of the Imam Zadeh and religious tourism centers in Ahwaz, where pilgrims and travelers as well as Ahwazi citizens refer to pilgrimage.

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  • Ibn Yamin's Tomb (Miami)

    This magnificent tomb is located in the village of Fermood, on the road to Sabzevar, 100 km east of Miami. In the 45th century, the building was rebuilt and set as a beautiful hexagonal complex on a long hill in the garden with Safa With the new Mahoney style, a library is located there.

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