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جستجوی #Mehr

  • Pars Apartment hotel

    Pars is one of the Tehran’s Apartment hotel, located in the central area of city.

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  • Mehrabad International Airport

    Tehran Mehrabad International Airport (IATA: THR) also known as Tehran-Mehrabad is an airport that serves Tehran, Iran.

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  • Mehr Hospital

    Mehr Hospital is one the Tehra's Private Hospitals located in Zartosht St.

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  • Mehranor pharmacy

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  • Iranmehr Hospital

    Iranmehr hospital is a public hospital established in 1975. The management of this hospital is done exclusively.

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  • Mehran Guest House

    Mehran Guest House is located in Valiasr St, Tehran.

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  • Park of Mehrverzai Yasuj

    : Yasouj Mefourzare Park is one of the most famous busters of this city, which offers convenient recreation and amenities such as artificial lake, coffee shop, health services, cycling track, soccer field, volleyball, tennis, Iranian medicinal gardens. And foreign and ... and is welcomed by tourists and citizens in this regard.

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  • Tomb of Bozarjomehr Qai'in

    Specifications: The building of Tomb of Bozarjomehr Qai'in has been constructed in a chiselled form with a beautiful architecture. The tomb has four porches, and the dome is built up over the porch. The adornment of the dome is one of the most beautiful parts of the building. At the back of the tomb, there is a section on which the monumental monuments are built on.

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  • Mehr and Coins of Koomesh museum

    Mehr Museum and Coins of Koomesh, the first specialized museum of Mehr and Coin in the province of Semnan on the anniversary of the Revolution victory, was opened by engineer Pakzadian, director of the nomadic museum of Il Sangersar in cooperation with the Organization of Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Semnan province.

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  • Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz

    Banoye-Mehr Bagh-Mishe Park Tabriz is located in Bagh Misha Town and has a large area that is located around the campus of sports complexes and women can use these devices all day.

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