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جستجوی #Mellat

  • Mellat Park

    Mellat Park literally the Nation Park, is a main park in Tehran. It has pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation as well as facilities such as snack bars, coffee shops, and a small aviary. There's also a Cinema Galley Complex at the edge of the park

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  • Asiya Hotel

    Asiya Hotel would offer you great rooms and fare.

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  • White Place (Mellat Museum)

    White Place as a locale dedicated to administrative affairs and formal receptions, served as the summer residence of the Shah and his consort, Farah.

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  • Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex

    Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex contains four theater halls with 280 seats, a cinematheque with 30 seats, and space for holding exhibitions and marketing cultural products.

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  • Boof restaurant - Mellat cinema Complex Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

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