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جستجوی #Pars

  • Parsa Hotel Tehran

    The hotel is located in Taleqani Street, opposite of Jahad sazandegi.

    0 دیدگاه 103 بازدید
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel

    Parsian Azadi Hotel is one of the biggest hotels of Iran with 475 rooms and different kinds of banquet halls.

    0 دیدگاه 153 بازدید
  • Parsi Apartment hotel

    Parsi Apartment hotel is located on west Nazari street, Tehran. .

    0 دیدگاه 179 بازدید
  • Pars Apartment hotel

    Pars is one of the Tehran’s Apartment hotel, located in the central area of city.

    0 دیدگاه 128 بازدید
  • Pars Aqua Village

    Pars Aqua Village (Dehkadeh Abi Pars ) is one of the Tehran`s Water Park.

    0 دیدگاه 4482 بازدید
  • Pars Hospital

    0 دیدگاه 693 بازدید