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  • Masoudieh Palace

    Masoudieh building complex consists of 5 buildings: forum, Restaurant, spring house, Seyed Javadi Mansion, Moshir al-Molk Mansion and entrance hall, full of stucco, ceramics, calligraphy, graffiti and in general so exquisite decorations.

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  • Sahebqaranieh Palace

    Sahebqaranieh is most interesting for the insight it affords into the Shah's daily life. Rooms include a basement tea house, private dental surgery and a bar decorated with Shirazi painted beams.

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  • White Place (Mellat Museum)

    White Place as a locale dedicated to administrative affairs and formal receptions, served as the summer residence of the Shah and his consort, Farah.

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  • Green Palace (Sabz Palace)

    At the uphill end of the complex, the classical-looking Green Palace was built at the end of the Qajar era and extensively remodelled by the Pahlavis.

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  • Gol Sorkhdan fireplace

    These buildings The foot of the mountain is covered with gypsum and is used to decorate it. The local dome of these three domes is called three domes

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  • Birjand marketplace

    Birjand marketplace is one of the Birjand's shopping centers, which is located in the old city of Birjand. The Birjand market has become more and more widespread in recent years. In addition to the old market, the city of Birjand has several other markets, including Sadesi marketplace , Sarposhideh marketplace, Chahkandiha marketplace , Malek marketplace and others.

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